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Nov 13, 2008 07:37 PM

Ca'del Sole - Review

Das Ubergeek wrote an excellent review about Ca'del Sole back in '05. So here's my take on the place. I parked on the street to avoid the valet - something I try to do when I can. I was seated in a very cozy dining area with large and very comfortable circular booths. Some nice soft bread with an olive spread was served complementary. I ordered some Pinot to get started - $10.00 per glass, but there are less expensive ones by the glass. For appetizers, I ordered something called Culatello - thinly sliced ham and melted cheese on grilled bread - 4 pieces for a total of $10.95. Loved it!! I also ordered some Blue Point Oysters - half a dozen for $12.00. Sensational!! For my Main Dish, I ordered the Pollo - a grilled whole boneless chicken with lemon zest served in a sizzling skillet with roasted potatoes and vegetables - 16.95. Marvelous!! For dessert, I had a Cappuccino and a plate of homemade cookies. I was pleased with everything, including the service. I highly recommend this restaurant and the dishes I ordered.

Ca'del Sole
4100 Cahuenga Blvd.
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

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  1. I get so lonely when no one responds.

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    1. re: omakase

      hello. glad you enjoyed your meal. sounds delish!

    2. Was the chicken flattened at all? Usually when they do the boneless style they do it under a brick or something along those lines. Also love those pan roasted potatoes. One of my favorite dishes and a very fair price. What kind of a crowd did they have when you were there? Did you bother to make a reservation?

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        Sorry for my delay in getting back to you. I walked in by myself without a reservation right when they opened for dinner - 5:00PM. I was seated in the main dining room, and I had this huge cozy booth all to myself. The crowd, at that particular time, was thin but picking up as the first couple of hours went by. There is an outside patio and a bar area. Now for the chicken. It wasn't flattened. It came served in a sizzling skillet and was real juicy with that lemon zest. The skin, although I prefer mine a little crispier, also had lots of flavor. All in all, a great dish and a great dining experinece.

      2. I'm a big fan of this place. Very nice food. Attentive but not cloying service. The patio is lovely, and inside is very charming. I've been to a couple of private events here, and they did a wonderful job. Both had appetizers and drinks on the back patio, and brunch/dinner in a private room. One of the parties was for several dozen folks, and the grilled chicken was just as good for a large crowd.

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        1. i've been there for lunch and dinner some time ago and enjoyed both. The patio is beautiful. I'm getting married next spring and am thinking of perhaps doing it there. Is this place good enough for a wedding (I know they do have weddings there) without people feeling like I went cheap? I have to admit I'm a bit put off by the fact they advertise on bus-stop benches.

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            I really enjoy this place. Love they're ribeye and they did a great burrata and bresaola appetizer last time I was there. I think it would be a great spot for a small wedding .

            1. re: lonnken

              We considered doing our wedding party there, 10+ years ago, but the private room wasn't big enough so we didn't move beyond that into looking at food, pricing, etc. If the space had worked, it would've been a serious contender. And yes, the chicken dish is really very good (and two meals worth, as well).

              1. re: Debbie W

                Thanks for the feedback. It will remain a top choice but will look for a couple other options as well.