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Nov 13, 2008 06:45 PM

Do you REALLY not want to cook on T Day?

I would rather eat out. There is a very fine restaurant in our town offering a very tasty Thanksgiving menu. I'm all for it. My family, however, extols the virtues of the home-cooked meal, and inviting many "Thanksgiving orphans" who have no place else to go. Am I a grinch for not wanting to spend a week cooking and cleaning for strangers?

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  1. Let the family cook. ;-)

    Heck, I think I'm worse than you. I generally don't care that much about having a traditional meal at all, whether cooked at home or otherwise. I'm all for spaghetti or pizza or whatever. And football, that's traditional, I guess. ;-) I have a chance here and there to eat and/or cook or at least help a little with a good home cooked meal, including the traditional Thanksgiving sorts of things, but it doesn't have to happen on the fourth Thursday of EVERY SINGLE NOVEMBER that I make it to.

    Bah, humbug. LOL

    I say go out. If the others are into staying home and cooking so much, let THEM do it.

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      I keep trying desperately to make a lasagne the centerpiece, but never win. Growing up, pretty much all my friends were Italian and almost all of them had a spread that might include a turkey breast and some trimmings, but all featured a lasagne. And that's become my idea of Thanksgiving.

      The wife wanted to go out this year, but with dining out money getting tighter, I convinced her that the last thing we should do is spend it a freaking turkey dinner when there are so many new restaurants we haven't had a chance to try yet. So she's insisting on making a turkey and major production. And I'll get dragged into it.

      If it weren't for football and getting a half day off, it would be my least favorite holiday.

    2. Yes, go out to an early meal, and drop in on friends afterwards. Everyone has way too much food, and will be glad to give you some leftovers to take home. Be kind to yourself and be thankful for expressing the real you.

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        How about a compromise? Go out for dinner & then invite the "orphans" over for drinks and dessert! Everyone wins!

      2. Personally I prefer to enjoy a home cooked meal. And I agree it doesn't even have to be a traditional meal. Instead of turkey, one year I made a complete vegetarian feast. As far as spending a week cooking, I try to make the dishes more simple, such as roasted vegetables. And forget appetizers, except a glass of champagne. I used to feel the dinner was overwhelming until I found ways to make it less stressful. Why not spice up the meal with dishes you like? E.g. What's wrong with meatballs, pasta or tamales along with the turkey? Find dishes you love and share them, even if they're store bought.

        1. Well, for me, I work full time. I never get to spend the time cooking that I would like to spend. So the Thanksgiving meal is a time for me to have fun cooking, and feeding people foods I don't normally make very often because of their complexity. I don't think I have, in my entire 43 years of living, eaten anything but a home-cooked meal for Thanksgiving. In the early years, it'd be a meal at my Aunt's house, when we lived close enough, but after we'd moved from Indiana to Iowa, it was always a home cooked meal with my mother's stuffing (mmmmmm) and whatever orphan friends I could muster up at the time. If I was living somewhere else, I drove home...

          Except for... November 1988. I was living with a roommate in Alaska, and my closest friends had just moved away to San Francisco, and my (future) husband hadn't moved up to Alaska from Long Island yet (he spent that Thanksgiving day working at 7-11 on a double shift and talking to me on the phone). So I didn't do a full meal, but I'm pretty sure I got like a turkey roll and some stove top stuffing. :) I don't remember specifically, but I know I didn't have the money to be eating out, and I didn't have any friends to invite me over.

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          1. re: Morganna

            We have been going out for years. My DH loooooves Turkey and I do NOT so we go to our favorite Italian restaurant where they serve traditional turkey w/stuffing and cranberry sauce, etc. AND offer seconds just like at home. BUT that is not all they serve. It is in addition to their regular menu so I happily have an Italian meal. To each their own!

          2. If you are grinch, than I am one too. This is the first time in 20 years I will not be cooking Thanksgiving dinner (started when I was 24) as we are going out. I am thrilled. Daughter and my brother are disappointed, but I could care less as they aren't the ones dealing with it. They get to sit back and enjoy and in the case of our daughter, she'll wolf it down and then head to her boyfriend's parents and grandparents. And I'll get to eat beef :-) Honestly, no one has ever given a damn that I don't like cooking Thanksgiving and don't like roasted turkey and abhor dealing with the leftovers (not to mention handwashing a plethora of wine glasses, the roaster, and running the dishwasher 2-3 times that day) and this year I get to sit back and enjoy my meal without stressing about what faces me in the kitchen.