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Nov 13, 2008 06:38 PM

Amazing Indian in Orlando

I just had what may have been the best Indian food I have ever had at Tabla. I would never have even found this nondescript building tucked in a commercial area if not for stumbling upon a review in the local paper. But boy am I ever glad I did. Until now I thought that the famed Vj's in Vancouver, BC was Indian food heaven, but I have to say that the dishes we had at Tabla rivaled anything at Vj's. I had the Paneer Tika Masala and it was absolutely amazing. And the desserts are incredible as well! Please, next time you're in Orlando, do yourself a favor, rent a car, take a cab, or hitchhike if you have to, but do what you need to get to Tabla. You won't be disappointed!
5827 Caravan Ct
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 248-9400

Tabla Bar and Grill
5827 Caravan Ct, Orlando, FL

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  1. I agree that Tabla is very good. I've reviewed it on my flog and it's praiseworthy. If you're daring, have a cocktail made with the rasam, a fiery hot soup that is usually presented as an amuse bouche of sorts. It makes for one kicky bloody mary!


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      I totally agree. I just tried their buffet today and it is the best Indian Buffet I have seen yet. The place has been a great dining experience from presentation, food and service. $7 for the buffet and must have at least 10 main items on it. If you are in Orlando and like Indian check this joint out. It rocks


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        Nice, that's right by my work too. Might have to check it out on Wed for lunch.

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          I went to Tabla based on the posts I had seen here on Chowhound. (one dinner and one buffet) Very impressed with the food. The Buffet is an absolutely fantastic value for very good food. $10 on weekend and $7 during the week. Yesterday (I understand the buffet choices change every day) their selections were

          Medu Vada
          Bhindi Sambas
          Dry Bhel
          Vilayati Pakoda
          Chicken Tikka Masala
          Nellore Fish Curry
          Murgh Roulade
          Vegetable Makhani
          Dal hariyali
          Achari Phalli
          Potatoe Song

          Rice Kheer
          Plantain Coconut Crumble
          Strawberry and Toffeenut Parfait

          Plus they brought out a soup and naan with the meal, an unbeleivable value for lunch.

          The only thing so far that I have been disapointed with was the stuffed artichoke hearts appetizer, The flavors just didn't work for me.