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Nov 13, 2008 06:25 PM

Only one lunch in the FQ?

We will be in the FQ for only one day in Jan 2009. We are going to eat at Stella that night, but where should we go for lunch? This will be a thursday. We are staying at the Bourbon Inn (Ramada) so somewhere close would be best. Where would you go and what would you order?

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  1. Galatoire's in the 200 block of Bourbon by all means! Ask your waiter for his recommendations...the menu is quite extensive. I usually end up with three appetizers for my lunch: turtle soup, crabmeat maison, dauphin potatoes or the Godchaux salad. Check out Stella's menu
    and decide what you are going to have for dinner and then check out Galatorie's menu
    and go from there.

    1. Bayona's a good option, too.

      1. Yes to either Gallatoire's or Bayona- G's is old school, classic NO food. Bayona is a little more fusion-y (Get their PB&J me.) At Gallatoire's, just look at what others are having and ask them. Everyone's that friendly. Adam

        1. I think that Cochon or Bayona have great food. Galatoire's has good food and a great atmosphere/experience.

          1. Lunch at Galatoire's for "old school" and dinner at Stella! for "new school."

            Seems to make perfect sense to me.