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Nov 13, 2008 05:17 PM

poboy fest

has anyone been to the poboy fest? if so how is it. i was thinking about going if i can get off work.

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  1. Last year the lines were horribly long and confusing. The poboys were excellent but we made our decision based on shortest wait time. Hopefully this year they will spread out the stands a little bit better to help with the flow of the lines.

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    1. re: robrob

      This year the lines won't be long at all. It is going to be 4.5 blocks long with food vendors spread out throughout, not clumped together, with the lines running parallell to the street. There will be 30 food vendors this year instead of 15.

    2. i went last year and had a blast. last year it was confined to about two blocks and was very crowded with long lines for all the poboy booths. this year, they're expanding it to three or four blocks, i hear, and adding more vendors. oak street festivals, in general, have this cool community vibe, and poboy fest is the best of them. my winners last year were the banh mi from banh mi sao mai out on chef menteur (after discovering this place at the fest, i now head out there fairly often) and the thanksgiving poboy from parkway (turkey, cornbread dressing, gravy and cranberry sauce on french bread). the only negative last year was that it was a little too crowded, but i'm hoping the changes this year will be a solution.

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        thanks for the low down. Shiloh, i will definitely have to try the thanksgiving poboy from parkway any time we have leftover turkey i make sandwiches with turkey, dressing, gravy, cranberry and mustard and have made it on poboy bread before. i cant wait. we are coming from Biloxi. any tips on where to park? if it's to crowed we may opt for the Quarter or some where else.

        1. re: heavy d

          there isn't a specific parking area, but you shouldn't have too much trouble parking in the neighborhood on either side of oak. i parked within a couple blocks of oak last year without having to search for a spot.

        2. re: Shiloh

          fyi - parkway is offering the thanksgiving poboy every Thursday.

        3. How much will the poboys cost?