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Nov 13, 2008 05:03 PM

Sister's 26th Birthday! Need suggestions

My sister and I moved to Manhattan in July so we've been out a lot but haven't been to a ton of restaurants for special occasions. We want to go somewhere with a really fun atmosphere that will come out to around $50-$60 per person. There are four of us going out, so it doesnt have to accomodate big groups. We're going next weekend, please help!

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  1. Go anywhere in Little Italy (Il Cortile, 125 Mulberry, Garden Room w/ skylight is my all time fave) and then go to Max Brenner in the East Village for dessert.

    You'll have a lot of fun! happy Bday to your sis! I think that people in their 20's (and others) would love this kind of New York Night Out!

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      Thanks chocolatebirhtdaycake, Max Brenner sounds great for dessert! Unfortunately (I should have said it before) my sister is allergic to wheat. So Italian restaurants are the only ones where she doesn't have many options. Any other dinner suggestions?

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        Go to Kuma Inn. Very reasonable from a price perspective and BYOB

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          Just had my 27th birthday dinner at Alta on W. 10th - it was great! Fun atmosphere and reasonable prices.

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            I'm wheat/gluten-free and I had zero problems at Alta last year. There were a few things on the menu I couldn't eat, but the staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and the food and atmosphere are great as well. I think tapas in general would be easy for your sister, and fun for the group as well.

    2. I had a great dinner out at Alta, there were 10 of us. Fun and great food