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Nov 13, 2008 04:15 PM

Duck legs in Chinatown?

Has anyone noticed a source for duck legs along Spadina?

I miss being able to pick them up for cheap at the Kowloon Market in Ottawa, and haven't seen them in any of the places I've been in down here.

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  1. You can buy frozen ones at T&T, they are around 3 to $4 each and include the thigh.

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    1. re: foodyDudey

      where is T&T? I've found a website but none of it is in english...

      1. re: AdrianM

        Most are in the 'burbs so I'm assuming you'd be looking for the one at 222 Cherry Street. has the list of all of them if you happen to live in North York or such.

    2. You can give Sunny Meat Market at 327 Spadina Avenue a try.

      Their chicken is good. Can't comment on duck but don't see why not. I've definitely seen whole duck and I'm pretty sure they sell just legs too (since their entire business is poultry pretty much). Unfortunately can't comment on price either but hopefully that helps and/or is a good start!

      1. I just bought a whole fresh duck for $13.73 at a local chinese supermarket (Lawrence and Black Creek) and I'm sure you can find them in chinatown even easier. Why pay loads more to have a pre-cut leg? It's only a few cuts to get the legs off, and then you get some awesome (and more expensive) breasts to fry up. Plus the skin for some delicious duck fat for the fridge, and the carcass and wings for stock!

        Take that, you $4 legs.

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        1. re: SocksManly

          I just mentioned the legs since he's a leg man. I sometimes buy those legs. Last week I bought whole fresh muscovy duck from Fresh From the Farm, it was around $14.50 ($3.50/lb)

          1. re: foodyDudey

            Good info, I was wondering where to get the other varieties of duck. I have a thread going about my confit on the Home Cooking board, and apparently I got a Pekin duck.. I'd really like to find Moulard ducks for proper confit, not sure where to get them yet.

            Muscovy is another option I'll have to try, thanks for finding them for me!!

          2. re: SocksManly

            Good point. And you're giving me my cooking inspiration for the weekend.

            Although not fresh, T&T carries frozen brome lake ducks for $10. And at loblaws the other day (Leslieville) they had some fresh ones. I had the guy weigh one and it was just under $15.