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Nov 13, 2008 04:14 PM

Organic restaurants in peninsula or SF (or restaurants that understand food allergies)

Because of significant food allergies that were recently diagnosed, I am on a very strict diet and cannot eat many things (such as dairy, wheat, rice, corn, gluten, and many others) and I have to stick with mostly organic foods. For the past few months I have been cooking all my own meals to avoid eating an allergen, but its getting old and I really need to find some places that would work with me (at least for special occasions). The only place I have found so far is Sirayvah Thai in San Carlos (they are wonderful!). Do you know of any restaurants (I don't care what type of food - I'm desperate!) in the peninsula or SF that use organic ingredients and/or who may be really accomodating to someone with food allergies?

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  1. Searching on 'organic' for the peninsula in Places turned this up

    With a vegan menu as well, Cafe Grillades, might be an option. I haven't tried it though so you might check for linked reports.

    Replacing 'peninsula' with 'sf' (NOT San Francisco) in the above search will give some options in the city.

    Replace the word 'organic' with 'vega' and search on both 'peninsula'; or 'SF'

    Cafe Gratitude would probably make you happy.

    If you are ever in Napa, you must ... must ... try Ubuntu. Some of the vegan dishes made with produce from their organic garden have just amazed me. It is only after the fact, re-reading the menu, that I found out they were vegan.

    Hope you report back as you try new places as it will help others like you. What have you liked at Sirayvah Thai?

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      I can't remember exactly what my family had, but having dined with the same 4 adults most Fridays since I was 6 months old (Mom-hound, Grandma-go-along-get-along hound, Dad and Grandpa-love Thai, but fear "weird" anything), and Thai for atleast the last 18 years I can tell you that 1) we LOVED everything we had at Sirayvah Thai and 2) the meal likely included things similar to:

      Egg rolls
      Angel Wings (those stuffed with celophane noodles)
      Spicy eggplant (no meat or tofu)
      Musuman beef (for Grandpa)
      Panang something
      Basil something (usually chicken)

      It is a little expensive compared to the "usual" Thai places. The atmosphere is lovely, if not a little open. The service was SLOW when we were there (which was almost 6-8 months ago now) so hopefully that has improved. (It was hard to get refill on Singha/wine/water.)

      All-in-all it was a lovely dinner with the family and I would highly recommend it. It isn't in our usual Friday rotation only because it is a tiny bit out of the usual price range.


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        Thank you so much rworange! I will definitely check out Cafe Gratitude. I have also been wanting to try Ubuntu in Napa but haven't made it up there yet.

        At Sirayvah I have been ordering a green curry chicken (not exactly on the menu but they made it for me) and served over steamed vegetables since I can't have rice. It was excellent and the vegetables were very fresh. My husband had a noodle dish he liked and we had larb gai for an appetizer that came with 5-6 bites served on individual small lettuce leaves. They will make things spicy as you request. I was really impressed with how attentive they were to my allergies, the quality of the ingredients, and how friendly they were. In fact we have been going almost every week because it's the only place I have found that I feel comfortable eating at. We had absolutely no problems with service. I do agree it's a bit pricey but I think it's worth it.

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          Thanks to both of you

          Sirayvah Organic Thai
          366 El Camino Real, San Carlos, CA