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Nov 13, 2008 04:13 PM

Corrigan's Mayfair, London

Hi All,

Corrigan's opened on Thursday 6th November, I went on Friday 7th.
I was very pleased.
The food is simple, but tasty. Very 'honest' cooking. Lots of fish, lots of games. Ingredients are top quality too.
The staff are really, really nice. Come across so genuine and are very helpful.
The atmosphere within is good too, with a hunting lodge motif.
It's as if the restaurant has been around for ages already...
Pick of the dishes:
Starter: Salad of Game Birds, Romesco Sauce
Fish: Red Mullet, Creme Fraiche, Fennel
Meat: Roe Venison Cutlet, Pumpkin, Mashed Potato
Pudding: Rhubarb & Custard

It is also very reasonably priced (starters ≈ £10; mains ≈ £20; desserts - £7.50), but there is a £1.50 cover charge...

My critique:


I really enjoyed it and recommend it.

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  1. I was incredibly impressed by our dinner there last night, and would second all of food snob's comments. In terms of simple perfection it trumped quo vadis for me. Made my girl very happy too.
    excellent colchester natives to start, strong sweet hit of iodine drawn out by a light fresh saltiness.
    Salad of game birds was indeed a fine thing, the romesco sauce being of an unusually coarse construction so that the almonds, peppers and tomatoes mixed together while remaining clearly distinct, a refined take on the classic griddled spatchcocked quail and romesco combination.
    Steak tartare arrived as a ready mixed disk, which always disapoints me as I enjoy getting my hands dirty doing it myself, but it was well judged, not overly seasoned, with dense chopped beef which had the firm yield of sirloin. Topped with soured cream. I'd never tried this before, but it was unexpectedly delicious, cutting through the cloying of the egg and vinegar.
    Suckling pig sausages with oysters and ducks tongues was almost too refined, the sweet and meaty sausages being so finely ground that the smooth easyness of the flavour was compromised by the strange sensation of eating a particularly delicious processed number. The poached oyster and duck's tongue both provided alternating textural counterpoints, but most of the flavour hit came from the attendant broth, rich, pale and savoury, with an elevating lick of fruit to it. Sometimes it tasted like mango, sometimes like pineapple. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was terrific with the pig. This was probably in retrospect entirely my imagination.
    Butter poached pheasant for main was tender, lightest blush towards the centre of the breast. Normally I like my pheasant a more shocking hue of red, but the delicacy of the poaching had retained all the flavour and suppleness of the meat. Served with a disk of seasoned ballotine, tasting of sweet pork and rich game offal, though I could be a bit off with that, and the plate dressed with sharp roasted shallots, crispy lardons and seasoned game crumbs, and a richly savoury gravy reduction. The combination of care, love and good taste in this dish was deeply gratifying.
    My date's octopus carpaccio was carefully guarded, but looked well executed.
    My palate's pretty one note when it comes to pudding, but the lime and cheese souffle we shared was splendid. Lovely mascarpone ice cream on the side to cool my burnt over keen mouth. Decent petits fours too, and an excellent espresso. They said the coffee was from italy, which surprised me, but it was made in a much richer scandinavian style, overpacked with fine grounds for a rich crema and a whole palate of orange and dark brown bitter oils.
    My girlfriend doesn't drink, so we stuck to water throughout the meal, which just about made this affordable on my undergraduate's budget, in a once in a while kind of way. But I've eaten in much more expensive establishments and had much less fun, and would heartily recommend Corrigan's to anyone. As food snob said, it's very reasonably priced, not just for Mayfair, but also for the quality and care that's been put into everything by all those involved.

    1. Believe the hype. Corrigan's is really, really good.

      We went on Saturday and had a great meal. The staff are great, the room is wonderfully comfortable and the food is great.

      Good bread to start including a nice soda bread. The game bird salad is nice although I think the Romesco sauce overpowers the meat a little. My partner had Mussels Mariniere, which where very good, served out of their shells. For main she followed the recommendation of Sole with Mushrooms, which was nicely cooked with great depth of flavours in the mushrooms. I chose the Steak and Kidney Suet Pudding which was good, although the sauce was far to sweet. I mentioned this to the waiter and received apologise from three different FOH staff and some comped dessert wine - this is a sign of a top restaurant when they care this much. Dessert was a shared chocolate brownie with sour cherry ice-cream - next time I will just order three portions of this and skip the "boring" meat courses...!

      We chose a £45 bottle of Burgundy that pushed the bill to £129. A real bargain for this quality of cooking and this level of service.