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Nov 13, 2008 04:03 PM

Bars in Newton / Wellesley / Needham area?

I can't see any of these towns having a cool bar not far from 95, but you never know. I know Newton's the best bet.

Ideally it would be a place where I could get a table on a Friday night after work and not be so lively that I can't hear the conversation I'm having. Ideas?


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  1. O'Haras in Newton Highlands for a more "neighorhood feel" vibe. Same goes for Dunn and Gerrins in Needham. More upscale is Blue on Highland in Needham. Cottage in Wellesley also upscale.

    1. Blue Ginger in Wellesley has a new lounge with a very nice bar area. Good food too- no reservations.

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        The Blue Ginger bar tends to the smallish side and is an odd configuration. The room is long and rectangular, and the bar occupies only one-half of one side of it. If you get seated in a banquette at the end of the room where the bar is not, it can feel like you're in a different room.

        As to the post immediately above, The Cottage is "upscale" only if your idea of upscale is Talbot's on sale day.

      2. The lounge at Bokx 109 in Newton at The Indigo Hotel is a great location. It's more upscale but has a very cool atmosphere with a great menu and creative drinks. A great spot right off 95 on Grove Street.

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          That was my first thought, certainly super easy from 128.

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            Recently I was visiting Newton from Scottsdale, AZ and had dinner @ Bokx 109.
            I used to live in the area and I don't ever remember dining/drinking in a restaurant w/ a fun hip atmosphere like Boks109. It was reminiscent of the ultra lounges of Vegas/Scottsdale w/ very good food and a great Bar scene.
            Dinner...was wonderful...though the service was spotty....if we lived in the area we would definitely return!
            Some of the highlights were the duck fat fries, the short ribs w/ foie gras, the swordfish...the pear martini...and the atmosphere.......

          2. The Biltmore in Newton upper falls.

            1. The Union Grill in Newton Centre is attractive, however the food is typical bar food and it is busy on Fridays. I thought I'd add it anyway for your list.