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Nov 13, 2008 03:47 PM

Nona's in Granville OH - don't go

Probably not too many people are looking for restaurants in Granville OH, but here is one I would NOT recommend. We made reservations for a group of 5 for a Sunday night. When we got there they informed us that they were out of the only appetizer they serve (besides soup) and they only had ONE of their 6 or 7 entrees. I mean, how bizarre is that??? They should just put up a CLOSED sign!

I ordered a $9 spinach salad, which was good, but which was literally 4 forkfuls. Then I ordered a $10 gnocchi dish in which I could barely find the way-too-soft-overcooked gnocchis. So, for $19 I left hungry.

A very odd evening for sure.

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  1. I've been to Granville and it is very cute. This restaurant sounds like it's on its way OUT and FAST. :( Bummer, but there are too many good ones to let the mediocre ones take the business!

    1. I was surprised to read this, as I have eaten at Nona's numerous times and have always found it charming, with wonderful service and delicious food. They have a number of appetizers listed on the menu, and I have tried a number of them and thought they were terrific. Nona's is our special occasion, and place to take out of town guest restaurant, as everyone seems to love it and have a wonderful time due to the service, food and warm atmosphere. I can't imagine what was going on the night you were there, as I have never experienced any evening there that wasn't a total pleasure.

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        Is this in the building that used to house Brew's back in the day (about 10+ years ago)?

        I miss Brews....Best Chicken Wings & Bartender (Sam) I ever have had.