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Nov 13, 2008 03:47 PM

Pure Spirits for oysters? Good, bad, meh?

Who's been to Pure Spirits in the Distillery lately? Is it still "happenin'". and more importantly are the oysters good there? By that I mean, fresh, briny, flavourful, a good size (not dinky), and different selection to choose from?

I know there's also Rodney's, Oyster Boy and Starfish. What are people's opinions on these places? Who do the people of Chowhound love. Let the voting begin!

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  1. I live in the Distillery and never eat at Pure Spirits, The Boiler House or the one whose name keeps changing. The food is overpriced for what it is, and I feel it's my neighbourly duty to warn people of just how weak the restaurants are.

    I haven't been to Rodney's or Oyster Boy, but have enjoyed Starfish and its oysters. It meets all your criteria, compared to Pure Spirits which, at last visit had a dinky selection of oysters. You'd find a greater selection at your local Loblaws.

    Keep your hard-earned money out of Pure Spirits. And it's not a 'happenin" place... really.

    1. Rodney's, Oyster Boy, and Starfish are all great. Pure Spirits is not.

      I feel Rodney's entrees to be a bit pricy, but you're there for Oysters, forget anything else!

      Distillery is a nice place to visit, but I'm not a fan of eating there.

      1. Pure Spirits never makes the cut when I am in the Distillery area. I would rather go up the street and dine at Weezie's.

        1. Starfish
        2. Rodney's
        2. OysterBoy

        1. I'm in total agreement with all the replies so far, food at the distillery suck. Love walking around it though. Haven't been to Pure Spirits, but was just at their neighbours, Tappos...overpriced and food was beyond mediocre.

          Starfish is awesome, great oysters, great food, great atmosphere. Oyster Boy has great oysters but last I went, their entrees were only ok.