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Cafe Sim-Sim (fun in Kensington)

Westminstress Nov 13, 2008 03:43 PM

Last Saturday night, we checked out Cafe Sim-Sim for the first time.

We were inspired by this review from Robert Sietsama of a few weeks back:

We liked that we could walk there from our house! Also, it is BYOB.

Cafe Sim Sim features the foods of the Caucasus. We tried the eggplant salad, lobio (georgian dish of kidney beans with walnuts & pomegranate), a heaping portion of home-fried potatoes with chanterelles, and two kinds of kabobs (lamb lulya kababs and pork neck kabobs). There was also some nice warm bread. The best items were the potatoes (they really were pretty damn comforting) and the lulya kabobs. We thought the pork neck ones were a little rubbery, despite Sietsama's rave, and we chickened out on the organ meats. We liked the dill-covered french fries too. It was a potato-fest! Portions were large (we got a second meal out of the leftovers).

We liked the atmosphere -- there was an old guy in a double-breasted suit singing Russian songs, plus a lot of dancing. The crowd was all ages, and not all men. It would be a fun place to bring kids or a group.

It's hard to evaluate this place in comparison to other spots, because I'm not very familiar with this kind of food. Overall, in the "heaps of grilled meat" category, I prefer Taci's Beyti (which is admittedly Turkish, so not quite the same thing). However, this place has a nicer atmosphere. (Why don't they turn down the lights at Taci's Beyti?).

Have any other hounds been to Cafe Sim Sim? I am curious to hear what you think, especially how this place compares to other spots in Brooklyn. And if you haven't been, it's definitely worth checking out. We'll be back, and we'll report back when we do.