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Nov 13, 2008 02:31 PM

Kitchen Tongs

All kitchen tongs seem to be straight so that when you reach into a steaming caldron to retrieve something you get a 3rd degree burn! Where can I get a tong that is curved at the end so this doesn't happen? I will have so many 'brownie points' with my wife if I come up with this, you can't imagine.....!

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  1. Stockli, kitchen tongs are probably the most-used utensil in my kitchen after my chef's knife. I've never had the sort of problem you're mentioning using standard-sized industrial tongs (never buy the cheap ones with "clasps"), but tongs ARE available in longer sizes. Try a restaurant supply store such as Nikolau, Nella, or Dinetz.

    1. Don't use the tongs in a steaming cauldron! Get a spider. Or wrap your tongs in a dry towel if you have to use them in such a manner.

      1. I hope you get an answer to your question. I had a pair just like you're looking for that finally became to loose to use. In frustration at not being able to buy a replacement I bought the regular kind and bent the end of the tongs to give me an acceptable alternative.

        1. I have curved 12 inch Zyliss tongs that have offset silicon-tipped tongs that were bought at the Paderno store in Mississauga Heartland. However, for working with food in a deep pot i usually use my 16 inch broiler tongs available at any restaurant supply store.