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Lunch w/ the boss' wife in Seattle -- HELP!

I am on the "partner track" at my small consulting firm and have invited one partner (female) and our other partner's wife to join me for a "girl's lunch" in December. They are both fun women and this lunch is supposed to be about us getting to know one another better as I continue to progress within the firm. I want to impress them with a well-planned lunch with fabulous food and good service -- but don't want it to be stuffy, over rated, or over priced. Where can three women have a long, leisurely, yet business appropriate lunch in Seattle that is fun, tasty, and makes me look like a rock star??? It will be close to the holidays (December 23rd) so I need to get a reservation made soon. Help!

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  1. you might inquire with Crush about scheduling a private lunch there
    Barolo could also work (reserve a booth)

    1. Union Square Grill, restaurant Zoe, Dahlia. mention that it's important when you make the reservations. Good luck!

      1. I would go for Dahlia Lounge--IMO it's rock solid reliable but also fun and relaxed. I'd ask for one of the booths on the far end of the restaurant (the north side).

        1. I would go to Matt's in the Market. The atmosphere is hip enough without being precious, the food is fabulous (esp. if you like seafood), and it is not overpriced. I eat lunch there regularly and I always notice the preponderance of women -- I think the soups, salads, fish they serve and the reasonably-sized portions keep women who work downtown coming back.

          1. I have had good luck with a couple of places matching your requirements. The first one is the Brasserie Margaux in the Warwick Hotel and is located on 4th & lenora. They not only have a good selection of lunch items, the also offer a Prix Fixe Lunch menu during the week. Nice atmosphere, great service and have never had a bad meal there in over six years. Another choice is the Flying Fish on First and Bell. I love the food and the serivce has always been great. Good luck!

            1. I agree with the Matt's in the Market and Dahlia Lounge suggestions.

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                Yep. Me three. Also agree with the person with the Dahlia booth suggestion. Good idea backdooring with the wives. Easy on the drink.

              2. it depends somewhat on what you mean by "business appropriate". If you're looking for a place with good food, totally casual ambience, basic seating/settings and almost careless service, Matt's is a good choice, but if you're looking for something with more polish or "wow" factor for a special or important business occasion, I would look elsewhere.

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                  After I recomended Matt's I do recall twice (the old place) I had lunch reservations and they were so overfull that after waiting nearly an hour, we had no table and had to go elsewhere. Both times, we went to Cafe Campagne, which I really like for lunch. Good crowd, not overfull, lovely French food and atmosphere. Not super fast, but a really nice place.

                2. The food, service, and atmosphere are all terrific at the 35th Street Bistro, I also like Matt's in the Market, but parking is a problem, service can be slow, and they don't always have a table for you at the time of your reservation, so there is at least a risk of some waiting time.. If your colleagues have adventuresome palates, Tamarind Tree in the International District is wonderful.

                  1. I'd go to Andaluca. I've never had a bad meal, it is quiet enough to visit, the service is excellent.It's next to/attached to the Mayflower Hotel,but not a "hotel restaurant".

                    1. I agree with the 35th street bistro call - it's causal yet refined, breezy for social occasions. It's got a vibe both in place (Fremont) and in setting (atrium and tree, open light) which makes you feel like your out of the "fray" so to speak. If you want a "downtown" "vibe" I'd go elsewhere, but this is a totally reasonable "french restaurant" pick

                      1. My votes for business/social lunch in downtown are: Tulio, Wild Ginger, Il Terrazzo Carmine and Cascadia.

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                        1. I also agree with Dahlia's Lounge... but I'd also say if you were looking at being a bit different and standing out I don't know if i would always recommend Tom Douglas... don't get me wrong he's brilliant...but Seattlites have come to expect him. Try something a little off the cuff like FareStart (it's business appropriate, a great cause and it's local); if you're looking for an out of sorts atmosphere try something with an architectural flare like BOKA (it's pricey at night but reasonable around lunch) or across the street at the Library Bistro it's usually pretty chill at lunch and intimate a great place to bond.