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Nov 13, 2008 01:57 PM

Where can I get great patatas bravas? I.e. crispy with good sauce??

Many thanks

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  1. I'm not an expert, but I love the ones at Casa Mono.

    1. I was about to make the same reco: Casa Mono

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      1. re: Ora

        i just had the casa mono ones last night and thought they were very not crispy at all - more like boiled fingerlings cut in half with chunky sauce

        i prefer the crispy ones with thin spicy sauce like at N or even Pipa

        1. re: jpmcd

          I can understand what you mean by not very crispy. I think that has a lot to do with the type of potatoes they use. I do love them because the sauce is very flavorful. But it's probably not the most traditional rendition because of the type of potatoes used. And the sauce is a bit heavier than at other places. It does seem that they are awfully popular. The first time I went to Casa Mono, the couple next to me each ordered their own! And the serving sizes there are very generous.

          If the OP is looking for crispy ones, I agree with the Tia Pol rec.

          1. re: Miss Needle

            Thanks all.

            I never was a big fan of patatas bravas until -- not to be pretentious -- I went to Barcelona this spring and ordered some at Inopia (a high-end tapas place with an El Bulli connection). They were truly revelatory -- perfectly fried golden chunks of potato that were somehow still super light. And the sauce was the best aioli type sauce I've ever had, spicy or otherwise.

            Haven't eaten them since but seriously craving.

            Also anchoas!

            1. re: Jack Barber

              That's the restaurant featured in "On the Road Again - Spain"! They actually served this dish to Batali and Gwethyn Paltrow and she ate so much of that dish like there is no tomorrow (also partly because she didn't eat other dishes with meat).

              I don't think you can get that in NYC! They looked too good to be true!

          2. re: jpmcd

            Yes -- definitely not crispy at Casa Mono, due to the smothering chunky sauce on top. Really tasty, maybe a bit sweet for me, but not quite traditional. And yes, relatively generous serving sizes. I can't imagine eating an entire plate of those by myself!

            I don't meant to be pretentious either (though I can't see how one can be pretentious about fried potatoes), but this is my recollection from eating them for six months straight in Madrid -- very addictive stuff: they're usually cut in smaller chunks than at Casa Mono, perfectly crisp on the outside, served with a red sauce of some kind and aioli. The sauces were squirted across the top of the potatoes when I was in Barcelona, but served in separate containers in Madrid for the most part. The red sauce was sometimes ketchup, I think, but had a slightly different taste.

            Haven't been to Tia Pol or many others, but the patatas bravas at Boqueria were about right; very crispy. Good sauces, though not the traditional ones (but I think there was a dollop of aioli). I had to ask for some salt, but that might be personal taste.

            If you find them, please report back!

          3. Bar de Mejillones in Pamplona.

            Other than that, Ostia.

            1. Las Ramblas in West Village

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