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Results: in a funk...friday night dinner

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thanks soooo much to all the fellow hounds for your awesome posts last week re: my friday night dinner...I'm sorry it took a week to get back to you all, but I haven't had any time to respond.
so here's what I finally made.

2 Roasted chickens...marinated them overnight in orange juice, olive oil, saffron, poultry seasoning, onions.
roasted brussel sprouds(shallots and olive oil)
glazed carrots(honey and butter) these were amazing...
roasted potatoes seasoned w/cajun seasoning and olive oil
roasted zucchini marinated overnight w/turmeric, olive oil and seasoning salt.
and a fennel and endive salad w/balsamic dressing(dressing from farm boy in sherman oaks, ca)

dessert: chocolate lava cakes (mix from king arthur flour).. served w/raspberries and fresh whipped cream..

everything turned out absolutely delicious...and I actually enjoyed myself soo much..didn't have to keep running into the kitchen to get this or that...I was able to prepare everything in advance.

B/w the 4 of us, we drank 4 bottles of really good vino and a 1 bottle of muscato that my husband and I brought back from Napa..

thanks again for all your recs and most importantly, your encouragement.

happy weekend!

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  1. So glad everything turned out great coco!