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Nov 13, 2008 01:27 PM

Flying Squirrel Pizza Co. (SEA)

Disclaimer: My wife and I were predisposed to want this place to perform; this would mean good pizza and draft Manny's within 5 minutes' stroll from our door. We moved here from the NYC area, where our gold standards were set by legendary places like Totonno's, Joe's, John's, Grimaldi's, etc. IMO Seattle has great Neapolitan style pizza in Via Tribunali (and maybe Veraci), but NY style is sorely lacking especially since the demise of demise of Zagi's (though A NY Pizza Pace is quite good).

We ordered a pie with half plain and half homemade susage with garlic. Crust achieved that critical balance between slightly charred and crispy yet pliable. Cheese was appropriately savory but not excessive, buttressed with a tangy, thoughtfully constructed sauce. Very nice. My wife, an easterner, is a particularly tough grader, and she wholeheartedly approved.

The manager explained that the aim wasn't necessarily NY style, explaining that he was more inspired by childhood memories of the local chain Shakey's, which I found humorous and revealing (though I am sure I attended soccer team parties there way back in the day, I can't remember the quality of the Shakey's pie).

I estimate the difference between NY style pies and Squirrel's is the uneven yet considerable thickness of the rim...though if you look at pies from the NYC all-stars, Neopolitan style or otherwise, they often are far from uniform.

Will most definitely return. I want to try the speciality pies with local ingredients, though my wife will likely favor plain. If Squirrel fills that void for her, I'll take it.

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  1. where is it? PS I dimly remember Shakey's back in NJ

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        Its just where Genesse meets up with 50th....................

      2. well rats, you beat me to it. We were going to go last Friday or Saturday but they were closed for something private, thought about this weekend but youngest pup is not that into pizza and then we decided to wait until elder pup gets back from frolicking in LA-LA land [because that pup would be MOST annoyed at missing pizza]. Glad to hear it was tasty.

        I think I will pencil them in for Monday or Tuesday night--- I especially like the idea of just jumping off the bus and meeting the family for dinner.

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          just note they are closed Tuesdays

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            thanks for the warning! guess it will have to be Monday or Wednesday..............

        2. We returned to Flying Squirrel this weekend, and unfortunately, one of the two pies we ordered was slightly burnt on the bottom, ruining the delicately balanced and foldable integrity of its slices we had enjoyed during the original visit. We looked around the room and it didn't appear others were having this issue. We reported this to the manager, and he was thankful for the advice and offered complimentary pie on our next visit.

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            Wanted to report back that the manager did make it right with complimentary pie on our next visit. We have been back two times since, and the pizza was very good and without any excessive char.

          2. We made it to Flying Squirrel last night and were quite pleased. There was some debate over which pizza to order but the pups and I outvoted my husband. We ordered the Zoe special pizza with bacon, tomato and argula and also the pizza with the shredded pork. We parents each had a beer---being mean people, the pups had water. Everything was very tasty and the only problem was that pizza was vanishing way fast so we put in an order for a third pizza this time selecting the one that my husband had wanted---homemade sausage with garlic and mozzerella. The last pizza came fairly quickly given that by that time, the room was fairly full of people. 3 pizzas and two beers came to nearly $80 with tip.

            For those who don't have pups, at 6pm on a Monday, there were a lot of families with kids in the main dining room. As a parent, I found that a plus but some might disagree. Also by 6:15, the place was pretty darn full--even the tall seats where you come in.

            The only "complaint" I might have is that I wish they put a bit more topping on both the Zoes and the sausage. The shredded pork was nicely scattered over the whole pizza but the toppings on the other two were a bit sparce---the sausage is in chunks and it is yummy but it seemed like there was only about 1- 11/2 pieces of sausage per slice.

            Other problem is that they do not--at least not on the menu--serve single slices which made my husband sad. he liked the pizza very much and could see himself coming for lunch but given the price, he would not feel comfortable ordering a whole pizza for himself for lunch.

            But we will definitely come again for dinner.

            Oh and by the way, being originally from the east coast, I remember Shakeys. This is NOTHING like Shakeys.

            1. We finally tried Flying Squirrel tonight. Very good pizza -- liked the crust a lot, had the one with special salami and carmelized onions. Crust was lovely, well cooked and very pleasant. For the parents of a 15 month old, the easy on-street parking, relaxed staff and many other families with small children made it even more enjoyable, because I could relax and enjoy my pizza rather than worrying about ruining other people's nights. I think this will enter our rotation.

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                We went there Friday evening. Nice selection of drinks. I got a caesar that was pretty good, my wife got the spinach salad, dressing too sour and limp bacon. We got the Boston Spaceships Pizza. Local ingredients were great, sauce was balnd and my wife thoguht too sweet. I attributed the sweetness to the carmelized onions on the pizza. Crust was well cooked and crispy but did not have much flavor. It bothereed my wife but not me so much. So I'm calling it a neutral and would be willing to give it another shot but only if we are in the area.