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Nov 13, 2008 01:23 PM

Has anyone been to Prive?

I am looking for reviews on this new restaurant. Thanks!

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  1. We were there a couple of weeks ago. It was very attractive inside, all white if I remember correctly. I don't remember what we ate -- the menu was interesting and the food was good, but not knock your socks off great. We enjoyed the meal and it was worth the money.

    1. A coworker whose opinion I trust went about 2 weeks ago, early on a Saturday night. He described the food as good to very good, but thought it was expensive overall -- small plates add up quickly. He was glad he went early as he thought it would become quite "scene-y" later on at night.

      City Paper confirms that Prive has a DJ (world, house, downtempo) on at least Saturday nights, although they probably start at 10pm.

      1. The night I was there the paella wasn't anything like it was described. There was no sign of chorizo or saffron and it wasn't in a tomato saffron broth. It was white and creamy and was more like a risotto than a paella. The grilled octopus was good as were the grilled scallops and, if I were to go back, the small "from the grill" plates is probably where I would order everything from.
        The hummus/humus and bruschetta with lump crab were pretty good but nothing I would rave about.
        The steamed mussels were ok but a few did seem a little old.
        Service was very good (it was an early after work walk-in on a weekday, with a phone call beforehand to be sure we could be seated) and it is a very pretty place.
        Full disclosure: I avoided creamy, cheesy, beefy dishes because of a recent high cholesterol result. Otherwise may have been tempted to order other things.

        1. I didn't like it all that much, it's better than a lot of the crappy places down in Old City but out of 8 or 10 small plates there was only one that I would eat again (a variation on spanakopita).