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Nov 13, 2008 01:00 PM

True Food at Biltmore Fashion Park

Had a chance to eat at this place a couple of days ago. Apparently, the menu is based on Dr. Weil's recipes and recommendations.

I had a "chopped" salad. The ingredients were fresh and simply prepared. I could tell when I ate it there was not a lot of salt, butter, oil, etc. More like what I would make at home. Hubby had the Ahi tuna sliders. These were absolutely fabulous. Delicious, possibly perfect, rare-cooked Ahi tuna with pungent wasabi sauce (mayo or something like it) on a small soft bun. The order came with two of these. I can't stop thinking about how good they were!

The wine list offered some interesting selections by the glass and many were priced very reasonably. I believe I had Tangent Pinot Gris for $6. The entire bill was $48 including tip for an entree salad, the sliders with a side of roasted sweet potatoes and two glasses of wine.

The patio decor was lovely, service prompt and with the mild weather, it was surprisingly relaxing for a mall setting. The only thing that I did not enjoy was that the tables are spaced very closely. We had to listen to a couple of grouchy people complain about God-knows-what the entire time.

I will be visiting again soon, and won't mind the 20 minute wait for a table :).

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  1. Thank you for the report. My wife mentioned True Food, and that was the first time that I had ever heard of it.

    Sounds worth a visit, especially if their b-t-g offerings are good and pair with the cuisine.

    Guess that I'd better Google Dr. Weil and find out what that brings.


    1. My wife and I tried True Food last Saturday. We arrived at around 6:30 and waited for around 15 minutes. The lighting on the patio seemed extremely dark so we choose to sit inside. The lighting inside is somewhat inconsistent - we were initially seated in a "dark zone" and ended up moving to an adjacent table partway through our meal. I agree w/ PopcornSally that the spacing between tables is pretty tight.

      We shared a hamachi appetizer to start. This was a "miss" for me. The slices of fish were drowning in a pool of sauce which completely covered the taste of the fish. A nice controlled drizzle of sauce would have been good.

      I had the "natural half chicken" w / farro, walnuts, dried fig, brussel sprouts and squash. This dish was excellent! The chicken was extremely juicy. The best part was the skin - nicely seasoned and crispy. All of the sides were nicely prepared. I am now a fan of farro!

      My wife had the "turkey bolognese". We both thought this dish was a bit bland. The sauce seemed kind of flat - it was missing something. In the end, she ended liking the dish (it got better as she continued to eat it).

      For dessert, we had the "flourless chocolate cake". The cake was served w/ a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. We both thought it was good, although nothing out of the ordinary. I did think it was priced a bit high at $7.

      We did notice that the food seemed pretty light and not too oily - consistent with the theme of the restaurant.

      Overall, we enjoyed the dining experience and will be back to try some more items.