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Nov 13, 2008 12:52 PM

Trader Joe's Fresh Natural Brined Turkey

Has anyone tried it? I am cooking my first turkey this year. I am wondering if this one is good.

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  1. I'm strongly considering the same turkey, and I'm cooking my first turkey/family meal ever, too! At $1.79/lb all-natural and prebrined, it sounds like a good deal, but it must be 12lb or more. Mainly, the thought of brining for 4 hours -1 day and defrosting for days in advance with other turkeys has won me over to Trader Joe's.

    You can read up on some insight at

    1. I purchased a 14-lb turkey from TJ's and cooked it this Sunday. It was the best-tasting and best-looking bird I have seen in years! unbelievably moist, even the white meat, and without cooking it breast-side-down. At 99 cents a pound this was unquestionably a great buy, too.

      1. A little late but I too recommend this bird. The salt content seemed really low for a brined bird and that is important to me. Unfortuntely in the Baltimore area TJ's had a limited quantity and sold out. Hopefully they will reload for the coming holidays.

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          They won't allow you to preorder a turkey, but the 2 TJs I called in my NYC area did mention they would hold a turkey for me as long as I call the day of my intended pick-up. I think that's your next best bet.

        2. I bought one for the first time too, and also highly recommend it Over the years I've done deep-fried turkeys, brined it myself, or bought kosher - all good. But for convenience, quality, and price, the TJ's pre-brined is a winner, and I'll be buying one of these again. Used a compound butter, put it in the oven, and didn't even baste. It came out perfect. Full report here -

          Trader Joe's turkey anyone?

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            The TJ's turkey anyone? post was my original post and I'm here to tell you that ours came out very good. It was moist and tender and was not salty (which was my biggest fear). I will buy another next year.

          2. Yes it's delicious and I've been cooking them for 4 yrs now