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Nov 13, 2008 12:30 PM

Best Cafe at bookstores in montgomeryville area?

It's cold and rainy out. Perfect weather to hit a local bookstore and grab some food and drink and read read read. So who has the best refreshments to snack on whilst feasting on literature? I've been to Borders and Barnes and Noble but not lately. Forget about Atlantic Book Warehouse. They got nuttin' and they are starting their going out of business sale I hear. Have I overlooked any hidden gems nearby?

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  1. I like B&N's cafe. Borders is kinda the underdog, but I miss the old Borders cups and when they stoped survivng soup that was it. So i guess B&N is what's left.

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    1. re: givemetomatos

      they stoped survivng soup? Good for them!

      1. re: IamStarving

        Ha ha ha ha ha! Givemetomatos is famous for his spelling on this board. But I did enjoy many a cup of soup at Borders with tomatos. He is my friend in real life and used to get all sulky when he was told they ran out of soup.

    2. Atlantic Books is going out of business? That sucks, they are my favorite for actually buying a book, rather than hanging out. I don't think there's any other bookstores in the area other than the chains, unless you go into Doylestown.

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        I wasn't happy to learn this either. I might head over there today, apparently there is some sort of sale going on.