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Nov 13, 2008 11:32 AM

Center Cut Steakhouse Review: Standing Ovation !

Jeffrey Chodorow has sure had more downs than ups lately; the Rocco Dispirito debacle, Caviar & Banana, Wild Salmon closings, Bruni trashing Kobe Club, etc. So, he sorely needed to make a comeback. And he did, in a big way with Center Cut. Wisely avoiding opening just another NYC steakhouse, he opted to bring back the old classics, and succeeds. The room manages to be sleek but warm at the same time. A selection of clams and shrimp from the raw bar come with 5 great sauces. A lettuce and tomato salad with blue cheese was as delicious as pretty to look at. Steak Diane was a melt-in-your mouth winner , as was a sweet broiled lobster. A side of home fries was the real deal.. Great service too. Lest I forget the warm, oniony brioches...addictive. Finish the meal with the deacadent pistachio parfait with its hot homemade marshmallow sauce, hot fudge and pistachio ice cream, and you know you've been to heaven and back! Bravo !

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  1. Nice review, thanks. Center Cut has been on my "try" list for a couple of weeks.

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      Definitely try it! We went tonight for Restaurant Week and the food and service were fabulous. Portions were very generous. Choose one soup, one salad, one entree, one side and then they give you a bag of 5 cookies to go! Was absolutely delicious! I plan on going back...