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Nov 13, 2008 11:19 AM

Herrera's in Dallas - better food at Denton Dr. or Maple Ave these days?

It's been a year since I've been to either ... but back then, the Maple Ave. Herrera's was superior food to the other, closeby Herrera's known in my circle as "The Barn," over on Denton Drive cutoff. Is that still the case? (I've heard by word-of-mouth that things have switched up and that Denton Dr. may be better now ... hm, where to go?)

Recipes and menu are virtually identical either place, but back then the Maple Ave. food was just fresher and a little better done than Denton Drive. ... Denton Drive was nothing to sneeze at, though.

I understand that these two restaurants are owned or at least run separately, by cousins in the Herrera family, so this could account for the difference....

Appreciate replies ... friends coming into town and I want to show off the best Tex-Mex ... oh yeah we'll go to Escondido too if we can work around its short hours ...

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  1. Avila's down the road from H's Maple Ave location is better, unless you and your friend are into bland tex-mex. I'd even recommend Gloria's on Lemmon nearby (not text-mex), or even Taco Diner (shudder) in Uptown. for something less aimed at scared Gringos.

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      I will have to agree with the Avila's rec. I am not incredibly fond of Ojeda's either. Another option is Tipicos on NW Hwy. Solid Tex-Mex there also. For just plain good tacos El Paisanita on Lombardy and Brockbank is great (two table sauces and al pastor tacos will cause cravings). There are other locations also (i.e. one on Davis in Oak Cliff). Herrera's also has a location in Carrollton on Josey Lane.