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Nov 13, 2008 11:18 AM

Wine cooler recommendations?

I'm about to buy a new wine cooler for the kitchen. This cooler will hold wine that I'm about to serve, plus the good stuff - wine that I want to make sure gets the best and most consistent environment. The rest will be stored elsewhere. I figure the cooler should hold around 30-40 bottles. I'm thinking dual zone. First, does this sound like a good plan? And second, any recommendations? For now, let's pretend price is no object. Thanks.

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  1. To better understand what you're asking, let's get a little more info. I understand the 30-40 bottle kitchen unit... generally, this type of unit is used for bottles that you plan to serve in the near term... mainly for convenience sake. You stated "the rest will be stored elsewhere". Will this area be temperature controlled as well? Assume so since you are concerned enough about your wine to have the smaller unit. I'd recommend a small 1 temp unit for the kitchen, and to keep "the better stuff" for longer term aging in the other area as long as it's temperature controlled. For the kitchen, most units that small don't utilize 2 zones... and I don't recommend that anyway. (actually don't like separate zones for any fridge unit). You can also utilize your regular fridge for whites/champagnes and such that you want to serve cold (placed in there not too far in advance)... that can serve as your 2nd temp... although the fridge will generally chill wines too cold... when I do this I allow whites especially to "warm" up a bit before serving. Serving temperature is a personal thing. For whites/champagnes many people serve them too cold... which masks the nuances and complexities... A good general rule is to not to serve "better" wines too cold... lesser wines show a little better served a little colder (masking the minor flaws).