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Nov 13, 2008 11:17 AM

Recommendation for best low key weekend brunch

Hi everyone

last thing to get sorted on my list!

I'm looking for somewhere low key, and around $20 per person maximum for brunch on a Saturday morning. Already got Clinton St Baking Co. on my list for a midweek breakfast so would like to try somewhere new. Perhaps somewhere that does great corned beef hash.

Was considering Balthazar - anywhere else to consider? Can be located anywhere in Manhattan as it will be our first stop of the day.

last thing to get sorted then our itinerary is complete!



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  1. calle ocho...will not be spending more with meal, unlimited sangria from the sangria bar (6 different types to choose from), tax and tip.
    85th and colombus

    1. $20 per person, including tax, tip, and a drink (juice? coffee? Bloody mary?) isn't a lot to spend once you factor in any beverages.

      I don't really consider Balthazar low key as it's pretty popular, and crowded. Most good brunch destinations in NYC are popular, crowded, and a little cramped.

      Check here for suggestions:

      1. Penelope will be way under $20 and it's the best place for brunch! Be prepared to wait a little, unless you go at an off time (i.e. before 11:30 or after 1) but it's worth it.

        Penelope is on Lexington near 27th i believe.

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          I love Good Enough to Eat at 83rd and Amsterdam- you can do it for ~$20 per person. You will need to be prepared to wait, but it is delicious comfort brunch food. It is a very casual atmosphere (much more casual than Balthazar)- think Vermont does Manhattan.

          If the line is just too long there, Sarabeth's is just South on Amsterdam, as is EJ's Luncheonette (more casual still).

          1. re: PurpleEats

            These are great suggestions! I'd love to hear more! Went to Tavern on Jane today for brunch and for $14 it was GREAT.

        2. Thanks to past chowhound suggestion, we tried Cibo(2nd/41st-Daily News Building) last weekend and everyone enjoyed the $18.95 brunch deal which includes muffins/banana bread basket, mimosa/bloody mary, coffee/tea and choice of 2 courses. The first course choices included mussels, butternut squash soup, salads and the 2nd course included breakfast items (egg dishes, waffles, pancakes) and lunch items (hamburger, turkey with lingonberry sandwich). The dishes were well prepared and presented. Service was friendly and efficient. Glad to find a good spot in the midtown area. It's definitely low key,more a neighborhood place rather than trendy. They accept resevervations which is a definite plus .

          767 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10017