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Nov 13, 2008 10:47 AM

Brunch/Lunch Sunday in Chelsea

I'm going this Sunday for brunch with my dad and his wife who live in Chelsea. They are, lets say, 70ish. We usually end up going to East of Eighth or Moonstruck. I know, neither is a culinary experience but it's basic, casual and no wait. Any recommendations for the neighborhood? Good food, not too loud, preferably a place that takes reservations. My Dad has a cane so waiting for an hour is not an option.

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  1. Cookshop takes reservations.
    I'm not sure if Le Zie takes reservations, but it shouldn't be much, if any, wait for lunch and is quiet as well.

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      It seems the only quiet no-wait places are the (terrific) diners in town. If you want to "up your game", go to The Comfort Diner on 23rd Street, the food is always great and their brunch Menu is tops, the servers are especially nice. Ask the host to give you a quiet table and call in advance, they'll be accomodating.
      Another thing I'm thinking of is one of the hotels in Chelsea, I bet they have quiet breakfast restaurants inside (There's a Hampton Inn, a Hilton Garden Inn and a Four Pints by Sheraton in Chelsea).

      Enjoy your time with Dad and his wife!