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Nov 13, 2008 10:47 AM

Korean tofu soup in Seattle?

Can anyone recommend a Korean place with good tofu soup in the city? I know I can go up to Edmonds/Lynnwood for this but would love to stay closer to home.

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  1. Check out Red Bowls, cheap bi bim bap specialist at 812 3rd--they may have it.

    1. If you mean soon tofu, you can't find it at Red Bowls. If you are willing to drive south a bit, there is a branch of BCD tofu in the same mall as the 99 Ranch towards the airport. They have pretty good soon tofu.

      1. The U-district is swimming with places, though I can't attest to all of them. Off the top of my head:

        University Teriyaki
        University Way Korean
        Yummy Bites
        Sunney's Cafe

        Also a brand new place just opened up, I can't remember the name but it is definitely Korean, and sundubu is their specialty. I haven't tried it yet, but their o jing au bokum was good. It's at the corner of NE 42nd St & Brooklyn Ave NE, in a sub-level next to the Seattle Vineyard church.

        There's also Kimchi Bistro on Capitol Hill; I've had their sundubu and it's pretty good.

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          Sunney Cafe has a rich salty spicy tofu soup with seafood.

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            I'm sorry to say that The Sunney cafe belongs to the past.

            Sunney's Cafe Restaurant
            4736 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

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            The place next to Seattle Vineyard has been cleverly named: Korean Tofu House. It is a small, cozy space, and they seem to be catching on and doing a brisk business. Apparently they are working on a liquor license. I'm going there for lunch tomorrow.

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              The place you're referring to is called Korean Tofu House. I recently went for the first time and I can definitely see why people were willing to wait outside in the cold for it, great stuff!

            2. Seoul Hot Pot in Redmond specializes in SoonDobu. Their PaJoon is also good. I believe that there is some sort of a connection with HoSoonYi.

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                Tried SHP last night. I was impressed by the quality (if not the numerosity) of their banchan. I had cod fish egg stew, which was boiling hot and befitting the stormy weather. My wife had bi bim bap served with red bean rice on the side, a configuration that was novel to me. The quality was fine, but specify dol sot bi bim bap if you want them to use a hot bowl. Will return for the soon dobu and the bo ssam.

                1. re: equinoise

                  Returned to SHP after too long away. Tried the soon dobu with shellfish, and it was delicious. Granted, I've only eaten this a few times (at BCD Tofu, Hoosonyi, and some place in Manhattan's Koreatown) but this version was the best. I've never been offered to have have the raw egg and seaweed thrown in, and this definitely added to the richness. They also inquired as to how spicy I wanted it--this is probably gringo treatment--and I said "spicy". The kim chi pancake was very solid, and held its integrity well, superior to other versions. The banchan were again impressive, fresh-tasting, including tiny candied fish and century egg. There was a wait when we arrived, and I can understand why.

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                  Seoul Hot Pot is great. I discovered it when getting my laptop repaired across the street. I was also impressed with the banchan, which included spicy octopus on one visit and a vegetable omelet on another. Soft Tofu Soup with several variations is a specialty. The Korean BBQ Short Ribs are also very good. I like the bi bim bap too.

                3. Make the drive to BCD Tofu House. Super cheap and SO good. It's on Hwy 99 just N of the King County line. If going up Aurora seems like it'd take too long, take I-5 to the Edmonds Way exit, and head W. N on 99 and it will be on your right in the Ranch 99 complex.