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Nov 13, 2008 10:24 AM

New Leslieville Restaurant

Has anyone tried Hanoi 3 Seasons, on the south side of Queen, east of Pape? The interior looks much nicer than at the Gerrard Street location, but what about the food?

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  1. I'm interested as well. I liked the store that they had there before, and I'm definitely interested in trying the restaurant. It's an easy walk from where I live.

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    1. re: SusanB

      its great! ive been many times to their original location at Gerrard and Broadview.
      love the pho tai and the spicy shrimp and lemongrass soup

      1. re: hotpeppers

        It's excellent. The best part was (as of last Friday) the owner's parents were cooking! Loved the curried chicken sate. On vermicelli, of course!

    2. The restaurant is actually called Hanoi Chic and was mentioned in this thread a while ago:

      I went to the soft launch party, and have had dinner there on opening night and also last Friday. Hai Tran, the owner, is working there, while I think his sister is working at the Gerrard location. Everything I've tried has been excellent. The house special pho had a lovely broth scented with star anise, thin slices of slightly fatty beef, and noodles properly cooked so they don't clump together. The lotus shoot and shrimp salad was tasty, with a generous amount of both ingredients, served with sweet chili and hoisin sauce dollops on the side of the plate. Service can be a little erratic if they are busy (forgetting to bring a glass for a beer, bringing vermicelli instead of the asked-for rice) but staff are very friendly and eager to please. It's not the typical Vietnamese place with hundreds of items on the menu, and there are some interesting things I haven't had before (curries made with dill).

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        I had dinner there last Friday and it was lovely. As noted above, service was a bit erratic but apologetic and even my picky husband found something to eat that he actually liked! Glad to see a really reasonably priced but nice restaurant open in the 'hood. They also do take out but no delivery, so I might be enjoying my lemongrass pho at home next time. I just wish the chairs weren't so uncomforatble, but if you can snag the benches they're nice. Yummy mango shakes too. We'll be back!

        1. re: gnuf

          The business card says Hanoi 3 Seasons (1145 Queen E, 416-469-3010). Hanoi Chic was the name of owner Luke's home furnishing store.

        2. I finally tried this place after reading so much about it. It was mostly pretty good, though I have to admit it, I stayed with the basics. I had their house special pho, which had a lovely broth. We also tried the seasoned pork with vermicelli, and for appetizers, the spring rolls and the sauteed season clams (sorry, I don't have the menu in front of me so I can't remember what they are actually called). Everything was delicious, except, I'm afraid, the spring rolls. The spring rolls were decidedly sub par, almost doughy, if that's possible. My mother is Vietnamese, so I am always in search of an authentic Vietnamese spring roll in a restaurant, but have yet to find it in Toronto. Oh well. I loved the pho though, and will definitely be back to sample the rest of the menu.