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Nov 13, 2008 10:18 AM

Boneyard Bistro Strikes the Perfect Note Again

This past Saturday my wife and I were taking it easy, making a cake when we realized we didn't know what we were going to do for dinner.

Earlier in the day I got some gas at a station across from In-N-Out, and those burgers were smelling mouth-wateringly delish, so we were thinking that ... until I one-upped that idea and mentioned BY.

As soon as we had our cakes on the cooling racks, we quickly walked around the corner and down the block to Boneyard. Thankfully, it was a bit earlier, as even at 6:30 they only had 2 tables not booked at which to seat a party of two. My wife gracefully allowed me to choose the indoor option so as to keep an eye on the USC game.

After getting our menus and drinks, it was time to decide ... what to get, what to get? We've been splitting meals lately in an effort to be a bit more health-conscious (in terms of portions), and this is certainly something one can do at BY (although they do have a $4 split charge, just FYI). We ended up deciding on two specials; a cup of their Slow-Cooked Chili with their Smoked Brisket to start ($9), and then for the main their Burger of the Moment ... a Cajun Burger ($22).

While we were waiting for the chili, our server brought out their bread tray, and BY's delectably tasty, sweet and oh-so-corny mini cornbreads. Dear god how I love these, as does my wife. Next time, I need to ask if they can just bring us a bowl of those, as we split them evenly and then jokingly argued over who got the crumbs. Mmmmmm, these are crispy, buttery coated sweet-corn AWESOMENESS!

Our chili arrived soon arrived, and like pretty much everything we have eaten at Boneyard, it was scrumptious. Hot, Hearty, and Heavenly ... especially when I would get bits of their brisket in one of my bites. The top was coated with melted cheddar cheese, which provided that perfect sharp complement to the smokey brisket flavor. We both ended up using some of the leftover bread to sop up the remains in the bowl. There was nothing fancy or posh about this; this was just a damn good bowl of chili.

Finally, the Cajun Burger. This thing was a MONSTER! Seriously, it must have been at least 8" tall!

It was their usual, thick, American Kobe beef patty seasoned with a cajun rub and spices. Then, it was topped with a good cheddar and some applewood smoked bacon, which was in turn topped with a cajun coleslaw. Finally, everything was doused with a healthy dose of one of the Louisiana hot sauces (not Tabasco, but we have so many I can't keep them all straight), and topped with pickles and tomatos. The burger also came with their typically generous portion of their addictive pommes frites, and their equally yummy fresh-made coleslaw.

Man, this thing was AWESOME! We had a heck of a time cutting it in half, but once we got that squared away, we dug in and just inhaled it! Seriously, we must not have spoken to each other for more than a few minutes as each of us was just enjoying this awesome monstrosity of a burger. I cannot fathom how one person could eat it all in one sitting!

This meat was cooked perfectly, this seasoning gave it a nice depth of flavor with a bit of heat, the cajun slaw really added more heat and a nice bit of creamy goodness, and then the cheddar cheese provided a bit of bite, followed by a perfect contrast in flavor/texture by the cripsy applewood smoked bacon.

The fries were their perfectly cooked tastiness, as is usual, and my only complaint of the evening was that the coleslaw was not as good as it usually is ... just seemed a little off that night.

I had a Diet Coke to drink, and my wife just had water, and since we had a cake cooling, we skipped dessert. Total bill was a shade over $40.

In conclusion, Boneyard is quickly becoming my favorite, go-to SFV restaurant. It certainly helps that it's right around the corner (and it ain't hurt by the fact that I have to pass Nata's on the way to and from!), but even if it weren't it always provides a consistently excellent meal, whether ordering from the BBQ or the Bistro side of the menu. Aaron is a really talented chef, with some great ideas. They have an outstanding beer menu, and a surprisingly good, albeit small, wine selection.

I would encourage everyone to give it a shot.

Oh, before I forget, I spoke with Aaron for a bit and he told me he's thinking of installing a house water-filtration system like the one at AOC, which can provide either sparkling or still water. I'm not sure if it's a definite, but 'twould be just one more thing to love about Boneyard.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've always liked Boneyard, although the last I was there I was a little disappointed. I do love the beer list and the greens are out of this world! I use to live in that neighborhood and boy do I miss it! Great restaurants within walking distance, what a dream!

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      1. re: bosanova99

        "..the last I was there I was a little disappointed."
        Mind telling us why?

      2. I'll have to revisit soon. did they happen to have the foie gras and venison dish on the menu.

        although i don't like the fact that for most things have a "no substitiutions" policy. Who does Aron think he is Yang Soon???

        the burger does sound great, their tri-tip has been good in the past, along with their ribs, and the spicy mac n cheese is just ok. the hot fudge sundae for dessert is pretty great.

        1. I concur. I have never had a bad meal at Boneyard and Aaron is adorable and sweet. My only gripe is that it's in the Valley and I live over the hill!

          1. I'm jealous a213b that you're able to walk there. I was just at Boneyard last night. Love this place. Had the Pulled Pork Dumplings and the Southwest Pattymelt. Normally, I don't order pattymelts when I go out, but I had heard through Chowhounds that the Boneyard's Pattymelt was incredilble. It did not disappoint - Kobe Style Wagyu Beef served on grilled rye with cheddar and gruyere cheeses, sauteed onions, bacon, chilies, and a side of 3 dipping sauces (avocado-cilantro, 1000 Island, chipotle aioli). Served with cole slaw and crisp skinny fries. That and some great tasting beer, and I was more than happy, if such a word exists. Great owner (Aaron) and really nice servers who care.

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            1. re: omakase

              omakase, I love that Pattymely too! In fact, if you do a search you'll find my last post on Boneyard states it is the best pattymelt I've ever had!