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Cocktail with St. Germain

Anyone know of a place that serves a cocktail made with this liquer? The place doesn't have to be fancy or super trendy. I'm just looking for a spot to pop in and try before I buy. Downtown location preferred. Thanks!

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  1. I'm almost 100% Death & Co. does. If it's not featured you can certainly ask for it as an ingredient in a custom cocktail.

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      - Muddled Mission, gin, St. Germain, strawberry, chartreuse, lemon
      - St. Germain Redux, St. Germain with champagne and your choice of spirit
      - Elder Fashion Royale, champagne, St. Germaine, and gin
      - Cooper Union, whiskey with St. Germain.

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        I was there last night and they certainly have St. Germain behind the bar.

    2. I think White Star does as well

      1. Blue Ribbon Downing Street Wine Bar in West Village.

        1. PDT

          pretty much any "good" cocktail bar will. Just look behind the bar, if they have 30 flavored vodkas and 1 gin....move on.

          Also, it's not that expensive, and I can say you certainly will buy it!

          1. we went to the buddha bar in the meatpacking district friday after work. they have a cocktail on their list with st. germain in it among other things. i had it & it was ok, but i couldn't distinguish the st. germain. btw i checked and the cocktail list was very different from the one up on the website.

            1. I had one with St Germain at Kingswood on 10th street (i think) and it convinced me to go out and buy a bottle!

              1. Hotel delmano in Williamsburg makes a really dandy cocktail with St. Germain and lemons. Of course, you'll have to cross over into Brooklyn to get it!

                1. Union Square Cafe makes a good cocktail with St. Germain- "Mutu Cocktail". Very refreshing cocktail!

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                    i'll 2nd union square cafe, also upstairs at bouley, grammercy tavern, . it's pretty easy to make a good drink at home using it without getting too fancy. I'll mix with vodka and sprite, vodka and soda, with champagne, etc.

                  2. James in Prospect Heights pours an excellent cocktail with gin, St. Germain, fresh lemon juice, and mint.