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Nov 13, 2008 10:01 AM

Cuban Style pernil

I've made the Boricua style. Curious as to how the cuban style is.
My friend said to use naranja to marinade the pork. The last time I made the puerto rican style pernil, it was so good that it made you want to smack your mama.

Any help and tips would be great. Thank you in advance fellow foodies.

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  1. Hey, what's with the gratuitous violence against mamas?!?

    1. i am only a caveman and don't speak the bourica v. cuban language, but Mucho Gusto on columbia st in cobble hill has that there pernil. and even our fair leader mister leff chimed in. sorta.

      me and the wife order from here a few times a month. moisty and with them beans, makes me wanna call mama and apologize for all the times i was an ingrate. just sayin.

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      1. re: fruitspam

        No violence against mamas. Just saying THAT'S how good it was. If mama ever heard me talk that way, she'd knock me into next week.

        Thanks for the tip fruitspam. Will check it out. Always down to travel for food.