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Nov 13, 2008 09:50 AM

Boom in Belmar


New place opened next to Viva's in Belmar called Boom.
The sign advertised burgers and shakes and I went in expecting a 5Guys rip off.
The menu is much much more. I had a Boom burger and it was the best burger I have had in years. It came with Swiss, bacon, sauce and a side of fries. It was on a square grilled roll that was out of this world. Very nice on the inside with table service. Spoke to owner and he is a meat purveyor in NYC which might explain the quality of the burger. Other menu items are crab cakes,Kobe sliders and lamb burgers.

  1. This gourmet burger thing is getting a little out of control (with the likes of 5 Guys, Jakes, Bobby's Burger Palace, etc.) however the added aspect of kobe sliders and lamb burgers piques my interest. Thanks.

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    1. re: bgut1

      kobe sliders aspect turns me off a little ....kobe this kobe that....its a burger...but the lamb burgers pique mine a little. I'm still a mark for stage left's bar burger.

      1. re: RPMcMurphy

        Gimme Bello's Sports Pub's 5 buck burger, now that Spezzi's is no more!

        1. re: Passadumkeg

          at the risk of starting another burger war... brickwall in AP seems to be joining the ranks of "good burger" standing in the area.....

          more importantly, I just can't get my head around the slider craze... it annoys me, this little food on little rolls... and I'm with you, rpmcmurphy: the kobe thing is totally outrageous at this point. A real kobe steak (maybe wagyu) makes an impression, but ground up with who-knows-what-else seems to be a waste... who would put ketchup or bacon on a kobe steak? besides, get me a dry-aged angus porterhouse or ribeye and whack a nice crust on it, med-rare, and I forget about kobe

          1. re: aklein

            It seems like an interesting enough idea in concept, but i'm afraid its going to have tough competition from alcohol serving establishments that serve quality burgers (boathouse, kelly's, clancy's, mccann's, bar a, old man rafferty's, rod's).

            A few of my friends got take out from Boom the other night and weren't terribly impressed; said the fries were good, but the burgers were small and nothing special. I saw the menu and I think it needs a few additions. I love the idea of a Kobe burger, but I'm not convinced that this is real Kobe beef (isn't Kobe from Japan?). It specifically says "American Kobe" on the menu.

            Also, what's with the name? It doesn't exactly convey a message...

            1. re: jlsmi2

              America saw what the Japanese were doing with Kobe beef and of course we started "Kobe Style" farms where the cattle are treated much the same way. Why pay for Japanese when you can buy American sort of thing. The answer is simple.. The Japanese REAL Kobe is far better. That being said, for the price, I dont think you can beat a Mid Western Grass Fed Kansas Cow, and any piece of meat that comes from said cow.

              1. re: ChefBri30

                One of the many reasons I order my steaks from Bryan Flannery, although I don't know that his are necessarily from Kansas, and I think they are only grass fed at first, then they eat other things. Regardless, his steaks are the best I have ever had. And the rib cap is to die for! -mJ

            2. re: aklein

              heck, i don't even want my kobe COOKED let a lone ground up, killed on the grill, and served with a bunch of other stuff!

              1. re: RPMcMurphy

                Kobe is a place in Japan. Wagyu is the breed of cattle raised there and now being raised in the States. "American Kobe" is pretty much nonsense.

                That being said, done properly a Wagyu burger can be a pretty amazing thing - just ask anyone who has had the Trinity burger.

                1. re: MGZ

                  I've enjoyed excellent Kobe burgers myself. It obviously depends on the type/quality of the beef used as well as the preparation method.

      2. This is great to hear. I've been waiting for it to open. Walked in last Saturday and the place was mobbed. Surprised me until the owner told me it was the opening party and everyone was friends and relatives. Great to hear that the burgers were top notch. Wife and I are going to give it a shot on Saturday. How were the fries? Did you try a shake?

        1. Wife and I had lunch there on Saturday. I had the Boom Burger, she had a turkey burger. Mine came with regular fries, her's with sweet potato fries. The boom burger is served on a square ciabatta roll with swiss cheese, bacon (that I eschewed), sauteed onions and sauce. The roll was really outstanding. Nice chew, very fresh and able to stand up to a very juicy burger. I would have to say the burger itself was maybe the best I have ever had. Juicy, intense meaty flavor, cooked perfectly (for me - med. rare). The fries were also outstanding (as was the decadent chocolate shake that we shared). Fries were nice and hot, crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. The turkey burger was also very good.

          The owner came over to chat us up towards the end, and when my wife told him she was from Baltimore he comped us the crab cake app. Two smallish crab cakes, but under $9 on the menu. There were outstanding as well. I mentioned all of the competition for burgers but he didn't seem too worried. He says his burgers are blends of a variety of meats (e.g. short ribs and steak meat), not just ground chuck. I believe it.

          Next time will try the lamb burger. And yes, I will probably also try the Kobe just to see how good it might be.

          The check for the two burgers with fries and the shake was about $20 pre tip. Maybe a tad pricey, but way, way worth it in my opinion.

          My only regret... We are moving from Belmar to Hoboken, so will have to settle for 5 guys. Really hope this guy does well. He really seems dedicated to serving great food.

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          1. re: bnemes3343

            I'm thinking the Boom Burger is the way to go. Went with friend and had a Kobe burger and a Lamb burger. The best part of the Kobe was the mustard. The Lamb is pretty good. I will order for myself next time. Milk shakes are lacking. Instead of $2.75 charge $4.50 and use a premium ice cream.

          2. Do you think its the kind of place where you can bring beer? (I'm not really a milkshake guy.)

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            1. re: MGZ

              Walked by the place last Friday night and saw a table of four by the front window with
              wine. Have not tried the food yet but the place is pretty nice unlike your typical burger joint, however the space is not very large

              1. re: MGZ

                I know they had beer in the place during their opening party. My guess would be that it's a BYO place. Call and ask.

                1. re: bnemes3343

                  We went last night and brought beer. It's definately a BYO. They have glasses for beer and wine. All the talk of milkshakes made me think the place would be somewhere between malt shop and fast food. I was very wrong!

                  The Boom burger and the lamb burger were both thoroughly enjoyable - second best burger I've had this year. We also enjoyed the chili which the kitchen was kind enough to make blisteringly hot for us. If you like VERY spicy, go ahead and ask for a small bowl prepared that way.

                  1. re: MGZ

                    Well, please tell me what the best burger was and where. And yes, the place is definitely not a malt shop or fast food place. Very nice decor.

                    1. re: bnemes3343

                      The Trinity burger at Trinity was practically a religious experience.

                      1. re: MGZ

                        Wow, $18 for a burger. But if it's that good, I'll have to try it. Never been to Trinity, but there seem to be a lot of very position reviews.

                        1. re: MGZ

                          MGZ - No pun intended I'm sure :)

                    2. re: bnemes3343

                      In NJ, unless there is a local ordinance prohibiting it, any establishment without a liquor license is by definition BYO. You can bring beer or wine into a McDonalds if you want to.

                      1. re: equal_Mark

                        was under the impression that establishments had to apply for a specific piece of paper to allow BYO...does this mean my local Baja Fresh is OK to BYO?

                        1. re: aklein

                          You do need to apply for a BYO, at least in Wall. I saw a new Italian/pizza place in Brookside plaza ( Michael Angelo i think was the name) and asked if beer and wine could be brought in. I was told not yet, they had applied for a license but had not been approved yet.

                        2. re: equal_Mark

                          Mark - That is assuming that the owners of the establishment are okay with the idea.

                          MGZ - Which was the "second best burger" you had this year, the Boom or the lamb?

                          1. re: bgut1

                            No other permits or licenses are required according to state law. Local ordinances can be an issue, but the only one I know of locally is Ocean Grove, and they only prohibit alcohol at outdoor tables. This is, as Bgut1 mentions, provided an establishment is currently doing well enough to come up with reasons to shoo away paying customers.

                            1. re: bgut1

                              I think the Boom was number 2 (frankly, we were sharing).

                              Boom places a real importance on the ingredients used. For example, the rolls come from the Freidman's bakery a block away.

                              One additional note, the owner informed us last night that he will be adding exotic meats -buffalo, elk, venison, perhaps even snake!

                      2. Well, I ended up at Boom last night and have to admit it lived up to all the hype! Had a bowl of the 3 bean chili topped with sharp NY cheddar, sliced jalapenos and served with blue corn tortilla chips. The BoomBurger was spot-on, cooked medium rare and by the time I was halfway done had dripped enough to dip my fries (Which were also really good) into. He also had a bison burger on special that sounded great. He wants to expand the menu, and I'm hoping to convince him to recreate my Chipotle Blue Cheese Bacon Burger with tomato... :-)

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                        1. re: equal_Mark

                          He also mentioned he might expand his location. The real estate office next door is closing. Lucky for me I have to be in Belmar on Dec 1 to pick up some things, so I guess I'll be forced to visit Boom again.