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Nov 13, 2008 08:59 AM

[DFW] Savoy Sorbets - Dallas Farmers Market [DFW]

I will start off saying that the Dallas Farmers Market is ungergoing some massive changes for those of you who ventured away during the late 1990's. Shed 2 (?) has now been cleared of all the clutter and furniture salepersons that took over the shed. They also renovated the whole shed and put A/C in it. The new shed is now very open, welcoming and very bright. Some of the same artisan vendors remained and a push for more continues. Those still in Shed 2 are Mawker Coffee (I don't drink coffee but everyone says he does an excellent job) he is still passionate as ever about his products, Curry King (a husband and wife team that have been at it I believe 20 years...Curry King himself said one day) is where I get my premade garam masala, vindaloos, and curries. They are definitely a very well made product and the freshness is in the scents. Robert Hutchins and family has a booth for
Rehoboth Ranch grass fed beef and free range poultry. The qaulity of meat and taste is very much desired these days. From the look of the crowds on a recent weekend trip I would believe the business is still doing well in this economy. There is also a Pierogi stand whom I have never seen manned before say 9 am. Must be making the pierogi's? I have not tried them but have wanted to but the vendor has never been one for opening early.

I am not sure if it is Shed 1 or 3 but the shed that house all of the local producers not the produce resellers has a treat that I recently came across. Now getting passed all of the produce "hecklers" of some sort is quite a task. At almost the end closest to Central Expressway (yes it borders the Farmers Market) is a gem of a vendor. Her (Linn Madsen) fare was sorbets. Normally you would think anyone can put together a sorbet....just sugar, water, and fruit of some sort. Well this was a bit different. Those who are into herbs would derfnitely get a kick out of these sorbets, herbal sorbets. The flavors range from Triple Lemon (lemongrass, lemon, and I believe lemon verbena), Lime Thyme, Rosemary Lime Chablis, etc etc. For such change on the common sorbet I was very impressed. The flavors very all very good and I ended up purchasing two: Triple Lemon and Lime Thyme. Linn lets you try a small spoon of her flavors, the true test for a vendor at the Dallas Farmers Market. The tasters (my wife, my parents and myself) leaned more towards Triple Lemon but I have a love for thyme so it was hard for me. Now I got the two smallest cups for $2 each and I think larger ones are $5. For this product I would gladly pay $5 for a large during the hot summers.

I would encourage everyone to get down to the Dallas Farmers Market before the holidays, check out the new changes, and stop by for an awesome herbal sorbet.

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  1. The pierogis are pretty good and she puts out samples but she never starts before about 10. Mawker coffee is roasted the night before and they will grind it while you wait and give samples too. I am glad to know about the sorbet place. I always go to shed 2 (I think)and know the venders who have stuck it out during the transition but I had not seen the sorbet person though the goat cheese person has some very good cheese.

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      I believe the goat cheese producer is La Cuesta from Clifton, TX...around Waco. I liked the Hatch Chile goat cheese he had when it was in season. He does make a nice whipped goat cheese that is incredibly light.

    2. I haven't been to the Farmer's Market in about a year, and didn't realize that they had reorganized - thanks for the update. The new market sounds very interesting. Is it part of the downtown revitalization project?

      A few questions:

      I have a friend coming in over the Thanksgiving holidays, and she is looking to pick up a few chile ristras. I recall buying one at the Market a few years ago. Are they still available there?

      Does anyone think there will be any issues (the market closed, shortened hours, fewer vendors, etc) with the Thanksgiving Holidays? She is leaving Saturday, and would prefer to mail the chiles, so ideally she would buy them earlier in the week.

      As a side note, does anyone know of another place in the immediate Dallas and suburb (30-45 minutes or so) area to buy them? I'm sure they are out there, but I don't know of them.

      Thanks for the help.

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        First the DFM is a seperate project fromt eh Downtown Dallas Revitilization plan. They started back in the Spring with the revamping. They even hired a new director from out of town to help push the idea forward

        Chile Ristras I believe can be found at the DFM. I would head out this weekend to see where your likely vendor is at the DFM and ask him your specific hours. Also look at the vendors arounf the market like McComb's Produce et al.

        As for the other places depends on what part of town you are looking (not going to find them in Park Cities). I would definitely try maybe El Rancho, Fiesta, and Carnival (if there are any still open). If you don't find them there you could ask one of the associates to see if they might know where to buy them.

      2. Thanks for the report. I used to go all the time, but the hecklers just bugged me. I was also hoping for more artisan type vendors. Hope the improvements continue. Does anyone know whether there a flower vendor yet?