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College Student visiting New Orleans during Christmas/New Years

I am planning on coming to visit New Orleans the day after Christmas until New Years. I am still a student, so I do not have tons of money to spend on food. I would prefer something that costs around $20/person or less. I have family that lives in the New Orleans area, but I have not been able to visit for a long period of time since I was very young. I am going to spend a few days with family in Metarie, and a few days at a hotel in the French Quarter area. I want to try good NOLA food. No Mexican, Chinese, or anything like that. Southern food, burgers, pizza, cajun, po boys--things like that. Also, I would be willing to spend more for a nice dinner at least once during my stay. Thank you for any suggestions!!

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  1. Try The Praline Connection on Frenchmen's Street. Funky, in-expensive and Black owned business. Mothers' for their Ferdie's Special po-boy (roast beef and Debris...mmmm!) Or Jonny's Po Boys is decent, too. Must go to Cafe du Monde for beignets and coffee (cheap!). Fleur de Lis has great breakfasts. Fiorellos for fried chicken. Port of Call for yummy burgers.
    Mahoney's on Magazine St. (garden district, sort-of) has killer po-boys of every stripe (try the suckling pig if they have it...) OOh... I'm jonesing for NO right about now... Adam

    1. As far as your splurge....maybe The Court of the two Sisters for their jazz brunch. The grits and grillades are superb there. Or Gallatoire's for a nice lunch,(just not on Friday...it's impossible to get a table downstairs and there are tons of (slightly inebriated) locals celebrating Birthdays, too! Luke Restaurant does a different prix-fixe menu every nite for like $22.00 (go on cassoulet night....) Hope these help...Bon Temps Roulez! Adam

      1. Give Jaques-imos a try...college hang out in uptown NO on Oak Street and the Maple Leaf is next door with live music most nights. Take the street car there and a cab home. www.jacquesimoscafe.com/ In the Quarter, try EAT on Dumaine. It's BYOL.
        http://www.eatnola.com/ For your splurging dinner out, try Irene's on At. Philip
        http://www.bestofneworleans.com/dispa.... In Metairie, there is Radostas http://www.bestofneworleans.com/dispa... for poboys and NorJoes http://www.xanga.com/chef_eats/595680... for muffulettas. Have fun and bring a mumu :-) for the trip home.

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          How about Joey K's on Magazine St. Fun and funky and not too expensive. The wall art gives you plenty to look and talk about while dining. Also, there are many shops, great architecture and fun things to look at in the area.

        2. Back when I was your age, in the 1960's, it was Geno's pizza-rolls from some kiosk in the FQ. Man, those were the days! Cheap food, cheaper wines and a lot of fun.

          OK, enough of my trip down "memory lane." Way out in Metarie (just down-River from William's Blvd. on West Metaire Blvd.) there is a great little "family-style" place called "Come Back Inn." The food is quite good, and the prices are not "resort-level."

          In the FQ, I am a fan of Felix's and find them to offer a lot for the $. They have the oyster-bar, and also some very good seafood po-boys.

          Many of the great bargains, re: food, that I once knew are now long gone, so they are moot. Back then, Ruby Red's and Audubon Tavern II's burgers were the best. Even Bud's on City Park, was a distant third. Alas, they are history and accessible only in my mind.

          For "local food" in a nice setting, and not at too high a price-point, I also like Bon Ton.

          Enjoy, and let us know what you dined on and enjoyed.


          1. I can't wait to try all of these great places in a few weeks!! I have one more question. What would be a nice place for New Years Eve? My parents and boyfriend will be joining me in New Orleans and we were wanting to have a nice dinner for about $50/person. Let me know if you have any suggestions!! Thank y'all!

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              Go to these web sites and start calling. Many restaurants are already booked, but you won't know until you call.

              If you will be in the FQ New Year's Eve, try this

              If you are still going to be in Metairie, try this http://www.nomenu.com/RestaurantsOpen...

              more restaurants in NO

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                This is a list of the restaurants that have Reveillon Dinners and it tells you if the restaurant is open on New Year's Eve (NYE) and the price of the dinner.


            2. I can give you my word that the absolutely best deal you will find on New Year's Eve for that price is EAT on Dumaine. The food is great, and it's such a cozy intimate spot. They have a four course set menu for $50 for New Year's Eve. There are two seatings....6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. The great thing about this place is that it's BYOB...and there are NO CORK fees!!! So this DRASTICALLY cuts down on the cost of your evening. We already reseved for 10 people! We ate breakfast there Saturday morning and when we made the reservation with our waiter Max, I'm like...."So you're saying that we pay $50 each for a four course meal and we just line our table with all of our own champagne, vodka, crown etc. and you charge us nothing extra????" And he said.."Yep, that's right!" Count us in!!!!! We'll be at the second seating. Max said we can feel free to linger there after dinner and make it like a party. Then around 11:30 we're all going to walk down to the river (walking with sparklers of course) to see the fireworks. Let me know if you end up booking there so I can be on the lookout for you!!!

              1. And I agree with the poster who suggested Jacques-Imo! It's my favorite. Don't miss the shrimp and alligator sausage cheesecake!

                1. Lauren, we are hoping for a report after your holiday visit.

                  1. Must Eat:
                    Jacques-Imo's AND one of my favorites, Lil' Dizzy's (in the Whitney Bank bldg. on Poydras). Best french toast and fried chicken I have ever had. Also very cheap lunch (11-2:30) is Cafe Reconcile on Oretha Castle Haley and Felicity -- 2nd best chicken in N.O. and possibly best $ deal in town. Also, St. James Cheese on Prytania & Robert has excellent paninis!

                    Great inexpensive dinners: Joey K's and Ignatius, both uptown on Magazine.

                    Mr. B's on Royal in the Quarter is a fantastic brunch and also great dinner, more exp than the above but not really by much. Best Brennan deal in town I think. Cafe Adelaide in the Lowe's Hotel on Poydras is also very good and maybe not as expensive as other Brennan restaurants.

                    Have a great time!

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                      As a first-timer to NOLA -- any tips on which specific dishes I should make sure to try?

                      Thanks in advance.