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Nov 13, 2008 08:42 AM

Looking for great lunch place for 3 girls shopping day!

Hi - Will be in Boston having a "girls" day in a few weeks and would love to have a nice lunch somewhere.

We'll probably be in the Faneuil Hall and Newbury Street area and all of us love great food with a nice atmosphere.

Any recommendations very much appreciated!

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    1. A little bit of a trek from Faneuil Hall but how about Barbara Lynch's new lunch spot Sportello? Appears to be the type of place I like to have lunch with my girlfriends at.

      1. My gf's and I like to have lunch at Stephanie's on Newbury. If it's nice out, you can sit on the patio... The salads are great (tuna), but the other menu items are delicious~ Atmosphere is great~

        1. Weekday or weekend? Lunch options are more limited on weekends.