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Is it rude to bring a jelly roll to a wheat-intolerant person's house?

I'm about to meet a group of people for the first time, and had planned to bring them dessert. Nothing fancy, just sweet and homey. I e-mailed the group, asking if they had any food allergies, and I discovered one them, our hostess, cannot eat wheat! Is it rude to say "tough luck, no nummy for you," and bring it anyways, or should I forget the jelly roll and arive with a simple bottle of wine instead? (Something I always hate to do with strangers, because no matter what I feel as though someone is lamenting my selection.)

I don't know any wheat free recipes, except for bean dip and salad, that I can prepare on short notice! The meating is in six hours. Any advice?

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  1. Skip the jelly roll and bring a bottle of wine or flowers or do some research and find a wheat free dessert. There are a lot of options. Macaroons, rice pudding, sticky rice pudding with mango, etc. Or go to a store that sells gluten free desserts and pick something up.

    I think this kind of thing is a situation if you have to ask the question, you already know the answer.

    1. What about making a nice fruit salad and maybe getting some dips like caramel/cream cheese? You could make/buy chocolate-covered strawberries as well. There are plenty of quick and easy bread-free dishes to make that don't take all that long.

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        I second this idea. Keep the jelly roll for yourself and bring fruit with dips or coverings. They don't take more than a few minutes to prepare and you will present yourself as a thoughtful person. I think since the hostess mentioned her wheat allergy you would look kind of stupid bringing a dessert that she can't appreciate.

      2. Since you asked about allergies and were told about the hostess, it would indeed be rude to now bring something with wheat. Just bring a box of chocolates and relax.

        1. do you have time to make a flourless chocolate cake? easy and delicious.

            1. Did you tell them you were going to bring dessert? If so, I'd bring something dessert, but not the jelly roll because they are expecting dessert. If you didn't, I wouldn't bring anything but a bottle of wine or something non-meal related.

              1. Another forget the jelly roll vote. You asked, they done told ya and you bring it anyway? Naaah, you know what to do. Pick up some schmancy choc covered macadamia nuts, or fresh cut fruit chunks and meringue cookies.

                1. I might be too late, but I second the flourless chocolate cake !

                  Go to epicurious.com and look for "La Bete Noir"....

                  ...believe me, neither you nor your hostess will be disappointed (unless of course they are intolerant to eggs, sugar, cream or chocolate. ) I make this on a regular basis to rave reviews.

                  1. Too late as well. I'm gluten-free and also say skip the jelly roll. It was good of you think to ask. Let us know what you decided.

                    1. Jfood with a nut-allergy here.

                      Sometimes people really want ot bring dessert and ask and jfood always mentions his allergy. If anyone who asked and was told about the nut allergy then brought a pecan pie, jfood would serve it to people who wanted a piece but those people ears would be burning big time on their drive home when jfood debriefed with mrs jfood.

                      Bringing something that may cause an allergic reaction is extremely insensitive.

                      1. Maybe just bring the jelly and leave the roll portion at home?

                        1. I think you've already been to this meeting by now, but I have to chime in as a wheat intolerant person. If this person is a true celiac and using the phrase "wheat allergic" as a sort of generic term - bringing them food that contains wheat/gluten can be a real problem. Although the host didn't seem to take huge precautions and warn everyone days in advance about her allergy many people keep their homes completely gluten free and it is safest for them, healthwise, that way. Even crumbs can be harmful if ingested. I think it would be best to err on the side of safety.

                          1. Don't take wine if you already said you were bringing dessert - there's plenty of gluten-free desserts you could get without a huge amount of trouble (fruit plate and gluten-free cookies, etc.) Coconut macaroons don't have any flour, nor do meringues...

                            1. If this person were not the hostess, it would be only mildly insensitive to bring something for a group that one person could not eat, but since this person is the hostess, I think it would be very insensitive to bring something she cannot eat.