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Nov 13, 2008 08:37 AM

Is it rude to bring a jelly roll to a wheat-intolerant person's house?

I'm about to meet a group of people for the first time, and had planned to bring them dessert. Nothing fancy, just sweet and homey. I e-mailed the group, asking if they had any food allergies, and I discovered one them, our hostess, cannot eat wheat! Is it rude to say "tough luck, no nummy for you," and bring it anyways, or should I forget the jelly roll and arive with a simple bottle of wine instead? (Something I always hate to do with strangers, because no matter what I feel as though someone is lamenting my selection.)

I don't know any wheat free recipes, except for bean dip and salad, that I can prepare on short notice! The meating is in six hours. Any advice?

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  1. Skip the jelly roll and bring a bottle of wine or flowers or do some research and find a wheat free dessert. There are a lot of options. Macaroons, rice pudding, sticky rice pudding with mango, etc. Or go to a store that sells gluten free desserts and pick something up.

    I think this kind of thing is a situation if you have to ask the question, you already know the answer.

    1. What about making a nice fruit salad and maybe getting some dips like caramel/cream cheese? You could make/buy chocolate-covered strawberries as well. There are plenty of quick and easy bread-free dishes to make that don't take all that long.

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        I second this idea. Keep the jelly roll for yourself and bring fruit with dips or coverings. They don't take more than a few minutes to prepare and you will present yourself as a thoughtful person. I think since the hostess mentioned her wheat allergy you would look kind of stupid bringing a dessert that she can't appreciate.

      2. Since you asked about allergies and were told about the hostess, it would indeed be rude to now bring something with wheat. Just bring a box of chocolates and relax.

        1. do you have time to make a flourless chocolate cake? easy and delicious.