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Nov 13, 2008 08:12 AM

Non Traditional, Yet Complimentary Thanksgiving Dish

A co-worker just asked me if I could suggest a non-traditional Thanksgiving side dish that would compliment a tradtional meal. All I can think of is a corn souffle. But really, it's not that non-traditional.

So here I have you home cooking experts.... what can I suggest for him?

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  1. A mushroom and sage risotto would compliment turkey nicely--that is my 'to go' dish to the parents this year.

    1. Although I bought some of the ingredients, I haven't played around with this idea yet. I want to try vegetable-stuffed cabbage leaves. The thought was shredded carrots and the cabbage heart, mushrooms, leeks. Maybe celery, maybe zucchini, maybe edemame. Saute in a little butter and OO. I got a very small head of Savoy cabbage so the leaves will be small. Stuff, roll, and braise in vegetable or chicken stock, thicken it a little to make a light gravy at the end.

      I was really thinking of this as a Thanksgiving side to take in lieu of green beans and mushrooms. My friends have such a carb-heavy meal that I always volunteered to bring beans just to be sure I'd have a green option, but they eat a lot of green beans year-round so that's not much of a special dish. I thought each diner could scoop up a little packet of vegetables. But, as I say, haven't experimented, and it could turn out to be underwhelming!

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        Thanks sounds great nemo. I make a traditional cabbage roll, but a mushroom based vegetable stuffing in small leaves sound elegant.
        BTW, someone once said about my traditional cabbage rolls... oh, how rustic
        the witch with a Captial B............ LOL

      2. Did he mean non-traditional flavors, or just not mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc.?

        If he meant a non-traditional flavored version of a seasonal item, I really like this latin-esque squash

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        1. This is one of my all-time favourite recipes. Sweet potatoes and squash are traditional, but the spicing is unexpected for Thanksgiving, even though I have found it accompanies turkey, etc., really well. And it's easy, too. A crowd-pleaser.

          1. I do a creamed spinach casserole which fits wonderful with the meal.