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Nov 13, 2008 08:04 AM

Make your own salad in Carroll Gardens?

Hi all,

I just moved to Carroll Gardens and I work from home. I enjoy going out to grab make-your-own salads but I haven't found any places nearby (I know of some in Brooklyn Heights, but none further south). Any suggestions?



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  1. The F train bagel place located way at the end of Smith and 9th street has that. Can't think of anywhere else.

    1. melindaw, where exactly are you? there's chopchop on smith, but that's not very far up. also i frequent nectar on court street, but again - more cobble hill than carroll gardens really.

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        Nectar is good food but not make your own salad.

        1. re: vatl619

          Thanks for the suggestions. I'm up near Sackett Street so those are a little far, but I'll give them a try anyway. Thanks!!

        2. Henry's on the corner of Union and Henry does a decent salad, but they have limited options for ingredients.

          1. I tried Chop Chop today and it was great. Thanks, vatl619!

            1. melinda - glad you enjoyed chopchop. i have too, though i find the ingredients i select always manage to add up to a shamefully expensive toss-your-own.

              and larryb: i must respectfully disagree, but please know that it really is most respectfully, as i always enjoy your posts immensely and think we must eat out at many of the same spots - while nectar doesn always have the ingredients that your fully stocked hale&hearty might, nectar does do make your own salads. you can choose your own ingredients, then choose meat and/or cheeses, and dressings. again, it does differ in that you don't get to see the ingredients sitting in dishes as you do in other make-your-own places, but it doesn't mean that you can't. my personal fave at nectar is: cucumber, hearts of palm, avocado, beets, red onion, carrots, grilled chicken in their tahini dressing.