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Nov 13, 2008 08:04 AM

Fine Foods at The Vineyard, North Andover

In searching for a local gift basket site from whom a coworker received a gift basket a month or so ago (All Things Sicilian, in case anyone wants to know), I discovered they also sell locally...and in clicking on their MA link, found out their products are sold at The Vineyard.

Clicking on their "Gourmet Food" link led me to find out that The Vineyard has brought back a take-and-go food operation after the previous catering group left to go back to Newburyport. I was one of those that lamented the closing, as Mawby's in Andover Center just doesn't cut it, IMO.

Here's the Vineyard's site and the menu for Fine Foods:

Has anyone tried their sandwiches, soups or pasta for lunch or take-and-go?

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  1. Sadly, they closed up a few weeks ago. The Meat House (of Salem, NH) is opening up a branch in that space in the next few weeks.

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      Interesting. Thanks for the info, headmaster. I had forgotten I had posted this query last winter. Ahhh, well. Another opportunity missed on my part. :-)

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          Who is still in business? The Vineyard or All Things Sicilian? Clicking on the links I initially provided in my OP goes to "doesn't exist" pages on The Vineyard's website...and there's no info re: any gourmet food takeout being provided at their website. It's all about wine.

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            The Meat House is still in business, as is the Vineyard. But the "fine foods" business has been closed a long time. I'm in there more or less weekly. I will say that on the whole the Meat House has been a decent replacement for the former co-tenant. The cheese selection is as good or better and they still carry some of the overpriced pastas and things that populate gourmet shops without justification. The meat selections range from very good to phenomenal--I'm especially partial to their sausages. They don't really offer the sandwich/menu choices, but it is a heckuva lot busier than FF @ TV was.


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              The cookies they have their from some shop in Nk (the name escapes me) are really good. How are the dry aged meats?