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Nov 13, 2008 08:01 AM

Looking for best lobster deal

Travel no problem, looking for better than $6.99 lb

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  1. Market Basket has them for $3.99/lb or are you looking for dinner at a restaurant? My mother went about a week ago to Finz and dedham and got a nice twin lobster dinner for $19.99 Two 1.5 lb lobsters with corn and potatoes.

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    1. Mt. Vernon in Revere always seems to have a good lobster special. The popovers are pretty damn good as well.

      1. Mount Vernon in Somerville has the twin lobster special for $9.99,

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          I went by Mt. Vernon yesterday and the twin lobsters are $11.99. That price is only on Saturday-Monday though.

          Foodmaster had them for $4.99 a pound this week.

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            It has been $9.99 lately on weekends that they offer a coupon in the Boston Metro.

        2. 88 Market had them for $4.99 lb... soft shell and I would say they were 1-1/4...

          1. The Rocky Neck Fish Co. at the East Milton Marketplace still has medium-firm shell lobsters for $5.95/lb. with sizes around 1 3/4 lb. They are better than average quality.

            Rockyneck Fish Co.
            East Milton, ME

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            1. re: chowfamily

              OOOOHHHHHH! 1.75 at that price! I am SO there!