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Nov 13, 2008 07:59 AM

What is opened in Montreal on Xmas/Boxing Day


My wife and I are thinking of going to Montreal during Xmas this year since our boys will be going skiing.

I have not been to Montreal during the holiday season for many years. Can you please let me know what may be open for food and when does shopping resume.

Thank you


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  1. looking at last year's xmas posts, not so much for the 25; probably a few majors (lemeac, l'express, ... ), some ethnic (chinese, ... ) and most hotel restaurants.

    For the 26th, I would assume all that are open on fridays will be open.

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    1. In my experience, most stores open at noon or 1 p.m. on boxing day. Everything is shut tight on Christmas Day.

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        Many Chinese restaurants, especially ones in Chinatown, are open on Christmas. Ditto restos with a large Jewish, Muslim and/or Hindu clientele. Whether Niu Kee, Keung Kee, Kam Fung, Le Président, Kam Shing, Fu Kam Wah, Snowdon Deli, Chez Benny, Schwartz's, Alep, Le Petit Alep, Byblos, Halal 786, Su, Avesta, Shahi Palace, Bombay Choupati and other board favourites are among their number is anybody's guess, but it's a pretty safe bet some of them will be, and a phone call a few days beforehand should provide a definitive answer.

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          I think the owners of the Alep/Petit Alep are of Syrian Christian origin so I wouldn't bet on it.

          1. re: emerilcantcook

            Ah, ha. But don't some Middle Eastern sects celebrate the nativity on January 6-7? In any case, wherever one hopes to go on December 25, best to call ahead.

      2. The original comment has been removed