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Nov 13, 2008 07:58 AM

YVR Itinerary: Comments/suggestions?

Finalizing a list of eats for a family trip (wife, me, 2 boys -- 18 & 12) to Vancouver later this month, staying downtown and escaping from US Thanksgiving. Our first visit! We eat everything, and it's important to us. After checking out this board and sundry other sources, here's where I am:

Wed. Dinner: Kirin/Sun Sui Wah downtown (for Chinese seafood fest).
Thurs. Lunch: Go Fish (as part of Granville Isl. slog).
Thurs. Dinner: Vij's (early, w/ maybe an izakaya stop later on).
Fri. Lunch: Boneta/Chambar.
Fri. Dinner: Phnom Penh.
Sat. Lunch: Sea Harbour (dim sum on the way out of town).

Blue Water, Cioppino's, and Fuel just missed the list, primarily b/c of cost. Since we live in Montana, ethnic eats and seafood are of interest and helped form my list.

Any comments/suggestions/alternatives would be appreciated, as would any "must eats" at these places.

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  1. Go Fish-pass on the F&C and instead have the Soup/Tacos(not Mexican style BTW)-anything from the specials board is best.

    1. I don't think Chambar nor Boneta are open for lunch. Chambar's sister restaurant (Medina - right next door) is open. Or - do Phnom Penh for lunch and Chambar or Boneta for dinner.

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      1. re: fmed

        Boneta is, Chambar isn't. OOps. My Friday lunch pick is, I think, the weakest. Might have to rethink this one. Ideas?

        1. re: Spot

          How about sushi? Okada or Octopus' Garden. Medina (next to Chambar) does a great middle eastern brunch. What is your hankering?

          1. re: Spot

            For Friday lunch I would say try one of the handmade noodle places. Legendary Noodle, Sha-Lin or Peaceful are all great.

            1. re: Mawson Plan

              I notice all your picks are downtown except Sea Harbour so if you do decide to do the handmade noodle thing on Friday, note that Sha-Lin and Peaceful are both just over the Cambie bridge on the "mainland." While there is a Legendary on Denman, I have not tried it and have read several posts here and elsewhere stating that the Main Street location is better. I am personally most fond of Peaceful, with Legendary second and Sha-Lin third (because of lineups and lack of tidiness in the resto).

              1. re: grayelf

                The downtown-centric nature of the list has to do w/ the fact that after driving from Montana to Seattle (to pick up a son) to Vancouver, I just want to park the damn car for a few days, but I'm assuming, correctly I hope, that we can just take a cab to places like Peaceful.

                Is there any consensus on Peaceful over the other noodle places?

                Cafe Medina looks really good, and I think my family would like it. I suspect we may end up there, if only b/c my family seems to OD on too much Asian food (not me, though!).

                1. re: Spot

                  Personally, I like Peaceful over Sha Lin. Sha Lin may have more "authentic" dishes, but I find the preparations at Peaceful more tasty....and it is cleaner as grayelf alluded to up-thread. It is very cab-able from downtown.

                  If you are into urban hikes and if the weather is good it's a nice photogenic walk over the Cambie St bridge to Peaceful from downtown.

                  1. re: fmed

                    Urban hiking is sort of the guiding idea for our visit, so that's good to know.

                    Query: after looking at Peaceful's menu, what's the difference b/n a "hand dragged" and "blade sheared" noodle?

                    1. re: Spot

                      Hand Dragged is folded and stretched repeatedly until you get spagetthi sized strands....while blade sheared is cut with a knife from a big ball of dough. Which one you choose depends on your preference - blade sheared tends to be thicker, chewier, and easier to manage with chopsticks etc. And (like Italian pasta) the shape of the noodle affects how much sauce "sticks" to each bite.

                      BTW - I'm a big fan of Peaceful's Beef Roll. Their Thousand Chili Chicken is strangely addicting - and looks scarier that it tastes.

                      1. re: Spot

                        The walk across the bridge from downtown/Yaletown is great. I did it the other night from right near Peaceful to Waterfront station and it only took half an hour. Very do-able. Peaceful is quite tasty and worth it I'd say!

                        In fact, everywhere on your list is walkable from downtown. Granville Island can either be accessed over the bridge (which you have to walk all the way across and then cut back down under the bridge back to the Island) or via water taxis from the downtown shores of False Creek. That way you really can park that car for the weekend.

              2. re: fmed

                My recs:

                Vij's - their most famous dish is the Lamb Popsicle. Go for a bunch of appetizers - they do those very well.

                Chambar - my favourite way of eating here is cocktails and apps. I've ordered mains here on occasion - but I prefer to make a full night of it ;-)

                Boneta - order from the fresh sheet.

                Phonm Penh - Butter Beef, Chicken Wings, Black Pepper Squid, Banh Xeo, Squash Blossoms....this is making me hungry.

                Kirin/SSW - Fresh seafood from the tanks.

                Sea Harbour - dim sum, Crab and Kabocha soup.

                1. re: fmed

                  Yet another question I forgot: While I'm aware that Vij's and Go Fish don't take resies, are they necessary at any of the other places under discussion?

                  1. re: Spot

                    Go Fish is an outdoor fish shack (in case you didn't pick up on that) - so there are no "tables" to reserve anyway. If it's a nice day, it's worth the lineup.

                    Vij's is one of those uniquely Vancouver places that has become world-famous. The food is good (for me, however, not good enough to line up for an hour...I've been there enough times anyway so I never think of going anymore. The line up feels quick though).

                    Many many people rave about the food. It may be worth it for you if you don't have much Indian or in this case 'modern' Indian in your city.

                    Another Vancouver thing: do a search of izakaya on this board.

                    1. re: fmed

                      I don't think Phnom Penh takes resos and it can get very busy though there is pretty good turnover. We do try to go early-ish (6:30) as we're very lineup averse.

                      I'd say it wouldn't hurt to reserve at Kirin or SSW even though you are going on a Wednesday.

                      If Sea Harbour takes resos I'd make one -- lineups are legion for the good dimsum places here and I say why wait if you don't have to?

                      I'd certainly reserve at Boneta or Chambar if you decide to go to either for dinner.

                      One other little tip: if you don't fancy a wait in the Go Fish lineup, take the number with you to GIsle and call ahead for takeout. They'll tell you a time to pick it up and you'll sail past the lineup. And they wrap your stuff in newspaper which is kinda fun.

                      1. re: grayelf

                        Thanks for the GoFish tip. I'm not good w/ lines, enough so that I think I'll make reservations everywhere they'll let me.

                      2. re: fmed

                        the wait at vij's can easily be two and a half hours. but then if you make it for the first seating-- which it looks like you're planning on-- you'll be fine.
                        i say it's ALWAYS worth it. i've waited two and a half hours. and i've walked in around nine on a weeknight and gotten a table.

                        chow travel story on izakaya scene.

                        i love go fish. agree. go with tacos. although you have enough people to sample the menu.