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Nov 13, 2008 07:37 AM

Quiet bar to take my mom

I am looking for suggestions for a nice bar in the city to take my mom to. We would love good chocolate martinis and a quiet ambience, and a comfy place to sit. TIA chowhounds!

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  1. What part of the city will you be in?

    If you're in the "Mag Mile" stretch of North Michigan Avenue, I like the Lobby at the Peninsula Hotel, one of the top luxury hotels in town. The Lobby is a combination bar and restaurant, on the fifth floor, alongside the front desk of the hotel. The room is huge but very spacious, not noisy; it has high ceilings with huge windows along one side. I've been there for drinks as well as to eat, and it's the kind of place you're asking for.

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      You don't say how old your mom is so I'm going to assume she's not 85 and decrepit, but still young enough to chat over a couple of chocolate martinis. I'm the mother of adult children and while,I'm not a barhound, I certainly agree with the Penninsula. Along the same line, I would suggest the lobby bar at the Ritz Carlton. But they're both pretty sedate.

      A little more fun would be Pops on State. I also love most of the winebars in the city to varying degrees, including Bin 36, the Tasting Room and Cru. LeBar on Chestnut makes a pretty mean martini and there's Rebar in the new Trump building, Leg Room on Division and Zebra on State.

      Almost forgot. I love Le Bar in the Sofitel on Chestnut and they have great martinis.

      These are all pretty centrally located , but it all depends on what kinds of things your mom would like and how quiet you think it should be.