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Peking Duck?

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Now that King Fung Garden is closed, does anyone have any great ideas on what places in or near Boston served a really good Peking Duck?

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  1. Fuloon in Malden, I'm told, has awesome Peking duck. Their tofu in special sauce is also amazing.

    1. Chef Chang's House on Beacon St. in Brookline. Plus table-side carving.

      1. Do any of these places require pre-booking? Or can you just order it off the menu right then and there?

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        1. re: y2000k

          I went to Fuloon on my B-day without calling ahead to reserve a duck. Yes, I was a disappointed birthday girl. In the future, I would make sure to call 24 hrs before.

          1. re: y2000k

            There is no pre-booking required at Chef Chang's

          2. King Fung II in Brookline.


            1. Are they closed? I thought they had closed temporarily and then reopened. Hope, hope...

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                That's correct - they reopened under new ownership, about a day after they closed. Barmy and I walked right past them last week in our way to a really poor meal at the place that used to be New Shanghai. (Wish we'd gone to KFG instead!) Unfortunately, I don't think there've been any reports here yet regarding current menu, etc.

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                  Asiana Bistro*, a brand new pan-Asian (including sushi) place in Bedford (on Route 4 in a strip mall across the street from CVS, just before you get to the Bedford Whole Foods).

                  Very new; used to be a Boston Chicken, but really nice interior redesign. I've had Peking Duck there 2 times (lunch and dinner), and we didn't have to order ahead of time. Of course, I've only had Peking Duck 3 times in my life, so I have no idea if it is any good (although the Chinese I was with seemed to enjoy it).

                  *If you talk to the owner, you can also bring you know what.

                  1. re: Tir_na_nOg

                    I have been visiting Chef Chang's occasionally since 1984 and I agree...the quality has gone down markedly.

                    That said, this post conjured up a desire for Peking Duck and we headed over to Chef Chang's last night for dinner. While the appetizers were nothing to speak of, I found the Peking Duck to be excellent. Though my girlfriend noted that the pieces were fattier than when we last had Peking Duck there...but hey, a little fat adds flavor. I'd strongly recommend Chef Chang's for their Peking Duck ($39).

                    On another note, the staff was very nice and eager to please.

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                    A friend visited there recently not knowing KF had changed owners - said the menu was pretty much the same with a few added items, duck perhaps not absolutely quite as good but soup was better.

                2. Bernard's in Chestnut Hill. You can order either a half duck or a whole one. It is served table side with pancakes not buns.

                  Photo of half duck order here:

                  1. I havent been in a few years, but I used to love Golden Temple in Brookline. Never had the Peking Duck, but everything else I have ever had there was great.