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Nov 13, 2008 07:16 AM

how many people does the bo ssam at momofuku feed?

We have a reservation for the bo ssam tomorrow, an it'll be a group of 11 people (1 or 2 with extraordinary appetites, I would say.) Will this be enough food or should we order some extra items from the regular menu?


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  1. It will feed your entire group pretty easily, but it is monotonous. I think people burn out after their 3rd helping. I would add on some appetizers just for variety.

    PS the Bo Ssam also reheats and freezes quite well, surprisingly.

    1. I agree-there will be plenty of pork! But I thought they had a limit on how many they will seat for the bo ssam..

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      1. It depends. I've had it with 6 dudes, we order a bunch of appetizers, and we barely finished the Ssam.

        I've had it with 4 dudes and 6 girls and a bunch of apps and we got through it, but it's true, people do burn out. I'd say with a party of 11, order some oysters, some buns, and maybe 2 other apps and you'll be good.