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Nov 13, 2008 06:51 AM

beer and good friends in brooklyn

i'm planning a little bar gathering for friends on sunday afternoon in the prospect heights/park slope area, probably 10-20 people. i'm looking for a bar that has good craft beer, a vibe that represents the neighborhood well (trying to sell some folks on the borough), and enough sitting/standing space without being totally dead.

i've been thinking franklin park, 4th avenue pub, pacific standard, or union hall; none of which i've been to yet.

suggestions? recommendations? reviews?

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  1. I really like Franklin Park, although I don't know how well it represents Park Slope or Prospect Heights since it's in Crown Heights. Great beer and vibe though. Friendly staff.

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      If you want a neighborhood pub atmosphere, try The Gate on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, at the corner of 3rd Street. Good selection of beer, enough room to hang out, and especially nice to sit outside if the weather is warm. They don't serve food, but you can get food delivered there by nearby restaurants. (They have a stack of menus to look at.)

      There's also Beer Table on 7th Ave., but it's probably too small for your purposes.

    2. the Bar(n) at Flatbush Farm is perfect for this.

      1. First thought is 4th Ave Pub but it doesn't open until 3 or 4. Amazing craft brew list, decent ipod selection and free popcorn.
        Pacific Standard may be a good option.

        1. For a crowd of 10-20 people I would say that either Barrette (on Vanderbilt Avenue and Bergen) or Pacific Standard would be your best best. The Gate is overrated they don't stock as many good craft beers as they once did and there are no bar snacks. Union Hall is also a good option, nice vibe and bar snacks but the beer selection is not as interesting.