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Nov 13, 2008 06:35 AM

Sunday lunch for international tourists?

Hi all,

I have a group of 3 coming in from Europe who really want to try 'American' or 'New American' food on Sunday. My first thought was Prune, or maybe Freemans, but neither take reservations and this is a business thing so would prefer that.

Any ideas where such a lunch could be had with reservations, either in Chelsea or the general downtown (south of 14th) area?

Many thanks!

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  1. I am thinking you want something more upscale? Does it have to be lunch items or do you want a combination of lunch and brunch items. What is your price point?

    Upscale brunch options would be Telepan, Compass, David Burke & Donatella, Ouest, Perry St., Cafe Bouloud, BLT Market, Dovetail....although not all of these are American / New American. And most are uptown.

    For slightly less upscale, I would try Cookshop, Perilla, Five Points, Devin Tavern. The Little Owl has a nice brunch and is very cozy. They don't take reservations but I've never had a problem walking in. Blue Ribbon Bakery is also a good choice and they have a huge non-brunch menu but they only take reservations for parties of 5 or more.

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      Thanks Kathryn! Mid-to-upscale is about right, and I will look into all of those. Price point is around say $40-50 a person, though less is fine too of course.

    2. Five Points, Jane and Zoe all take reservations, I believe. Jane is very "American."

      1. Perry St. is my all-time favorite for lunch. You just can't get food of comparable quality for anywhere near the price. Sophisticated ambience and great service too.