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Nov 13, 2008 06:10 AM

Bojangles Turkey - Where?

Although I live in Raleigh I listen to a Greensboro radio station and have been hearing ads for Bo's turkeys for the holidays. I am currently without a kitchen and will be without one until after T-Day. A Bo's Thanksgiving is sounding pretty good to me about now.

Has anyone tried one of these? Any good? And, most importantly, are they available anywhere in the Triangle?

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  1. They are not available in any of the Triangle stores. It is something that corporate Bojangles' does. While some franchised stores may choose to sell the turkeys, the Raleigh-Durham franchise does not. Your closest bet to snag a turkey would be in Mebane (the Hillsborough location is owned by the same franchisee as the Raleigh stores) or possibly out in the Kinston/Goldsboro area.

    I haven't had one, but apparently they sell really well. They are deep-fried and I believe that you have to pre-order them.

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      I know (geographically) this info is not what you asked, but I saw this week that they are available in Gastonia, NC @ $39.99 and you do have to preorder. I bet the corporate website would be helpful finding an outlet near you that carries them.

      1. re: Tee

        Unfortunately, the corporate website does not say which locations are franchised or corporate. I do know for certain that they are not in the Triangle area. The best bet would be to call or write corporate:

        1. re: sarahUNC

          I was in the Bojangle's in Siler City yesterday, and they had fried turkey on their menu board for $39.99.

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        I don't think I'd mind the drive out to Mebane the day before Thanksgiving.

        Thanks for the info. I'll look into it.

        1. re: sarahUNC

          they are amazing and so little work to it! Its our 3rd year and it is what my extended family plans on when they are at my home. Everyone loves it. I get it the day b4 and carve and cut it up and heat it if I feel the need. I just like making sure it is totally cooked. The gravy you make for the juices is really Spicy!!! Use a deep roasting pan also! We are in the Charlotte area and better get ours ordered b4 its to late!

        2. West of Raleigh would probably be a better bet than east. In the eastern part of the state, many(most?) of the Bojangles' are operated by a large franchisee company called Tands.