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Nov 13, 2008 05:27 AM

Pre-show Drinks near Lupos Heartbreak Hotel

Looking to have a few drinks in a fun bar Sunday night before a 7pm show at Lupo's..anything in walking distance..(we're staying at Biltmore..) Also, can you walk to Red Stripe or too far?? Thanks..

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  1. Red Stripe is much too far. I've never been to either of these so I'm going just on hearsay....

    Local 121, Washington St
    Temple, at the new Marriott Renaissance (but I think it may be loaded w/faux eurotrash types)
    Aspire at the Hotel Providence

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    1. Red Stripe is too far to walk. Local121 or Trinity Brewhouse would be my pick.

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      1. re: RI Swampyankee

        as220 is right around the corner too,good beer selection,good nexican food too....

      2. If you want a good dive bar, I would suggest Blake's Tavern across the street from Lupo's. If you want something upscale, I would try Aspire at The Hotel Providence.
        Bravo on the corner of Washington and Empire is one of my favorites for a bite to eat and an adult drink!

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        1. re: sarahbeth

          I recommend either Local 121 or Blakes, depending on what you're looking for. Blake's has good beer on tap and decent pub fare (although I have to disagree with the description of a "dive bar". It's not high-end, but hardly a dive. It's pretty much a straight-up sports bar). Across the street is Local 121 which has a beautiful bar with well-poured drinks. The food is spotty though.